Google Sync Now Supports iPhone, Windows Mobile

Google has just released a beta version of its new Google Sync service. Google sync will let you automatically keep your Google Calendar, email and contacts synced between your iPhone and Windows Mobile phone automatically. This sync capability was already available on the Blackberry and Symbian S60 powered phones, though now support has been added for the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and other SyncML supported cell phones. Google Sync offers two-way synchronization, so if you make a change on your mobile phone or your PC, the changes will be immediately synched with the server. Thankfully, you don’t have to send SMS messages to “GVENT” to update your calendar from now on.

Google has also partnered with TrueSwitch to make it easier for you to migrate data from other email services including Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, among other services. You will be able to easily copy over contacts, old emails and other information to gmail. The new settings for you to start doing this are already available under Accounts and Import in the settings page in gmail. Just remember these services are beta and things can still go wrong.

Nokia, Samsung to Unveil Mobile App Stores

symbianNot to be left behind, both Samsung and Nokia are set to unveil a new mobile app store at the upcoming MWC 2009. Samsung will launch its Samsung Mobile Applications app with just over 1,000 apps initially available for mainly Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile powered devices. Both freeware and commercial apps will be available.

Nokia, which owns the Symbian OS, will also unveil its Nokia app store as well during the conference. Nokia already has its app store finalized; it just now needs to officially unveil it. The new app stores will help the millions of users of the most used mobile OS Symbian find and use useful mobile applications, as currently, people mainly search online the internet and online forums to find the apps. Continue Reading

RIM Executives Pay $68M Options Backdating Fines

rimThree Research In Motion (RIM) executives, including co-founder Jim Balsillie agreed to pay a CND $68 million settlement on a stock options backdating scheme. The exectuvies must also pay an additional $8 million in administrative penalties. Mr Balsillie added he and the company were “very, very happy to put this behind [them],” Mr. Balsillie also agreed to give up his post as a director at RIM part of the deal. In case you are not familiar with what options backdating is Continue Reading

Apple Developing Standardized Batteries for Devices

appleAccording to a new US Patent filing (20090035609), Apple is applying for a universal battery format that could see batteries recharged from various devices. The idea is to let various devices with non-conventional batteries be recharged easily from a mainstream source. There would be a primary Apple hub type device to recharge multiple batteries, or you can easily recharge your devices from say your keyboard as you would your phone. The batteries would also perform like your cell phone battery with the ability of your computer or the Apple recharger hub to display the current charge and energy levels. There is no word on whether Apple will actually ever release a product, but hey, its always worth applying for a patent.

Nokia Building Google Latitude Location Sharing Competitor

nokiaPhone makers are starting to understand that people want more social features on their phone to help keep them connected with friends. You can easily send messages and update your status right now, but it is difficult to get timely information of where your friends are. Google has just launched Google Latitude, allowing you to see your friend’s geographic position on a map in real-time. Continue Reading

RIM Ups Certicom Bid as Verisign Becomes Interested

Blackberry maker RIM initially bid $66 million cash, or $1.50 per share (76.5% premium over Certicom’s Dec 3 2008 stock price) in a hostile corporate takeover attempt of Ontario-based security software maker Certicom. Since then the two companies have been involved in heated exchanges. The Certicom board thought the bid was too low which undervalued the true company value and it also alleged RIM used classified information in its bid. Certicom subsequently won an Ontario court order blocking the acquisition. It seemed RIM would ended Certicom acquisition attempts.

Now, RIM has just upped its bid to $2.40, sending the Certicom stock price up 35% today on the TSE. The US company Verisign is also interested in the acquisition, who bid $2.10 per share in January, which was approved by the Certicom board. Verisign will have the opportunity to up its bid five days after Certicom chooses RIM, if it does at all.

Facebook Giving More of Your Data to Advertisers

facebook24-year old founder and CEO Mark Zukerberg of Facebook showed everyone at the World Economic Forum in Davos something very kool. He polled more than 100,000 Americans asking them if they thought President Obama’s new fiscal stimulus package would be enough to get out of recession. Two out of Five thought it would not be enough.

What is interesting is how he was able to get more than 100,000 responses from very targeted groups of people in a matter of minutes. Facebook has amassed a wealth of information from its 150 million strong user base (check out Facebook Planatir to see a geographical representation of users communicating) and it now plans to capitalize on the wealth of information by giving more access to corporations for market research purposes. Marketers will be able to use information you put on your Facebook profile, including your current mood, your location, content you upload, to poll and analyze you.

Continue Reading

Microsoft files mobile-PC interface patent

microsoftMicrosoft has applied for a new patent for a “Smart Interface System for Mobile Communications Devices” The patent is aimed at allowing users to dock a mobile phone with a small device and is aimed at eliminating different barriers that prohibit ease of use and productivity on a small mobile phone. Once the mobile is connected to the cradle, the phone can easily be connected with various peripherals including a keyboard, mouse, and printer, among other hardware. Continue Reading

Exxon earns $45B in 2008, Highest Recorded Revenue From Any Public Company

exxonTexas based Exxon mobile has just reached a significant milestone in the process breaking a world record. The company said today 2008 total profits were $45.22 billion, the highest amount ever recorded for a publicly traded company anywhere in the world. Exxon was still able to post this massive number despite Q4 revenue being down 33% to $84.7 billion thanks to lower and highly volatile crude and energy prices. Exxon Chairman Rex Tillerson said, “Exxon Mobil’s financial strength continued to support its disciplined capital investment approach in the midst of a growing global economic slowdown,”

New Illegal US Steel Protectionism Will Hurt Canada

The U.S. House of Representatives have passed a motion to favor the usage of domestic steel in public U.S. projects. This type of protectionism is set to cause serious harm to the Canadian Steel industry. Some estimates say this could cause a 40% decrease in Canadian jobs in the Steel industry.

Prime Minster Stephan Harper told Parliament this is a “serious matter, a serious concern to us. I spoke to our ambassador about it,” Canadian International Trade Minster Stockwell Day commented “the U.S. has very clear legal obligations under both [the] North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization, and Canada expects the U.S. to live up to them.”

U.S. President Obama will make his first official foreign visit to Ottawa on Feb 19, 2009, where Canadian PM Stephan Harper should address this serious problem.

Canada has had similar problems with illegal U.S. policies concerning trade, such as with U.S. Canadian lumber disputes where international bodies have favored in Canada’s position.

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