Apple sells 300,000 iPads on launch date

300,000 iPads sold on launch, thousands flocked to Apple’s flagship Manhattan store

The Cupertino-based computer maker, Apple Inc., today released sales and usage figures for its highly anticipated iPad tablet computer that launched on April 3rd.

The company said it sold 300,000 devices on opening day. The figure includes shipments, including shipments to retailers such as Best Buy, meaning that probably not each of the 300,000 units are in consumers hands as of right now. However, demand seems strong despite consumers arguing the device is fairly aggressively priced and adds little value over an iPhone. The company did not break down the sales figures for each of the iPad versions.

 Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement today, “iPad users, on average, downloaded more than three apps and close to one book within hours of unpacking their new iPad.”

Mr. Jobs describes the iPhone as a “game changer”, pushing the device as a portable media power house that offers consumers a convenient and fun way to browse the Internet, stay connected with friends, and have fun with premium games.

Apple is also banking on directly competing with Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader, with its iBook iTunes store where consumers can purchase and read books on the iPad. Apple reportedly is working with publishers to specifically develop ebooks for the iPad that would include media and video/audio within the iBooks.

Apple said over 250,000 iBooks were purchased and over 1-million applications from the Apple App Store were downloaded on the iPad launch date.

In comparison to previous Apple product launches, the first iPhone model sold 250,000 units on its product launch, compared to over 1-million units sold of the iPhone 3GS over its weekend launch.

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