Apple removes previously approved BitTorrent app from App Store

Days ago, Apple approved the first BitTorrent capable application to run on iOS devices after the app simply slipped through Apple’s rigorous App Store approval process.

Apple has now pulled the app from the App Store, under the grounds that “Apps that enable illegal file sharing” are not permitted to run on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

The application did more than just manage BitTorrent downloads, it also offered free image and video uploading and sharing, alogn with the BitTorrent capabilities.

The application has now been removed from the App Store and is no longer listed.

Apple has traditionally been very strict in terms of what type of applications can run on their devices.

The company argues this approach makes its iOS devices more secure and provides a superior user experience by keeping certain applications such as adult apps away from children.

The strict guidelines also protect top businesses of Apple, such as its iTunes music store that millions of people use to purchase music on their devices.

Blocking peer-to-peer applications helps to ensure fewer people pirate music, at least directly from their mobile device.

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  • Bob

    they better pull safari out of the iphone then too since i can use that to illegally download things too.

  • Jvillicano

    apple strikes again. and the author of this post drinks there cool aid like a man lost in a dessert for 2 days drinks cold water. and people think apple cares about them? ha!

  • Koonzi

    Just reassurance that buying the Desire HD over the iphone was a good decision. It’s my phone i’ll do what i want with it

  • Kay

    i actually managed to download this, only to find the thing wouldnt even launch. and many other reported the same thing in the reviews. i think it was a hoax

  • Luke Turner

    @ Jvillicano – pro tip: Desert (what you were trying to refer to here) compared to Dessert (you know, like ice cream)…. When trying to remember which one has two s’ … Dessert is “super sweet”, hence it’s the one with two s’.Yes, I learned this in 3rd grade, but if it helps someone on the internet not mistakenly say that an author of a post drinks kool aid (well, he said cool aid, but you know, that’s not the focus) like a man lost on a banana split for 2 days… all the better.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I have a feeling it will wind up in the Cydia or iSinfuliphone app repositories.

  • joeldombek


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