More new iPhone hints, Best Buy warns of depleting iPhone inventory

The top Minnesota-based electronics retailer BestBuy today sent a memo out to various stores in the U.S. warning them of depleting iPhone 3G supplies.

BestBuy warned some stores could completely deplete their stock entirely.

The new BestBuy warning indicates retailers are pushing to sell off the current iPhone models to make way for the much-anticipated next-generation iPhone.

BestBuy is not the first retailer to issue a warning on depleting iPhone inventory.

Australian-based Vodafone iPhone distributor Brightpoint previously said, “We have just been notified that the [16GB iPhone 3G is] End Of Life,” referring to depleting inventory as well.

 The new iPhone is expected to include a 3.2MP auto-focus camera, a digital compass, push notifications (including push Gmail), copy/paste (including images), among other new features.

An AT&T executive has previously confirmed the new iPhone would not be offered without a contract or without some sort of data plan. Notably, today T-Mobile in the U.S. has started to offer select BlackBerry models on a prepaid basis.

In related iPhone 3 rumors today, BGR posted what appears to be a leaked picture from Fido’s (Canadian GSM operator owned by Rogers Wireless) 2009 roadmap that indicates the new iPhone could have iChat video calling. The photo also shows a price of $99 with a three-year contract. But, we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much on the iChat.

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  • IwantaiPhone

    I can't WAIT, I still have to use an online version like but hopefully I will be able to get this new one as soon as it comes out.

  • oleole

    im definately gonna wait for the new iphone, i want a better camera on mine its shit

  • IwantaiPhone

    I can’t WAIT, but hopefully I will be able to get this new one as soon as it comes out.

  • Steve

    Do you guys always steal AppleInsider’s content without attribution? Or is that special to this article?rnrn

  • Hercules K

    Hi Steve,nnActually, I’ve personally spoken with an upper manager at BestBuy earlier today on condition of anonymity confirming the inventory depletion which is also taking place in Canada. This has nothing to do with the AppleInsider story. If the tip was from AppleInsider there would have been full credit as there is with the screenshot published by BGR.

  • oleole

    im definately gonna wait for the new iphone, i want a better camera on mine its shit

  • Pete

    wtf? sniff sniff i smell trolls


    Aren’t you about a day late with this article? rnrnBoyGeniusReport reported on this yesterday & for the online news cycle, that is like a year late.

  • Rumor: Best Buy Sends Out Memo Warning About Depleting iPhone 3G Supply | iPhone 3G Tricks

    […] Allegedly, Best Buy has sent out a memo to some of it’s stores warning them of the depleting iPhone 3G supply. This is clearly a hint that Best Buy is trying to empty out it’s stock of 3G’s in order to get ready for the new, much expected but net yet announced 2009 iPhone model.  Brightpoint, an Australia-based Vodafone wireless device distributor, has said, “We have just been notified that the 16GB iPhone 3G is at it’s end of life.” Another indicator towards the existence of a new iPhone model that’ll put both previous versions to shame.  Let’s hope these rumors are true.  [via Business 2.0 Press] […]

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