Facebook Ups Security With HTTPS Connections

facebookThe world’s largest social networking website with over 500-million members, Facebook, has added support to a long requested feature, SSL connection support, which ensures personal data remains private by encrypting data before it is sent or received over the Internet.

Security experts warn users that access Facebook over public networks and unsecured wireless connections are most at risk, as malicious network software could be used by hackers to retrieve Facebook browser cookies that contain unencrypted personal information.

 Financial intermediaries who offer banking services over the Internet require SSL support, but as people add more and more private information and content to their Facebook pages, they’re demanding more security to ensure privacy.

Simply visit the Account Security section of your Account Settings page in Facebook to enable SSL use.

If you start using SSL, you would notice the address bar URL would change to “https”, and your browser URL would also change to the color green (Chrome users, among other browsers), and a lock icon would also appear on your address bar, all to indicate information is being routed securely.

Facebook already used SSL technology on some parts of the website, such as when handling credit card information and transaction processing.

Facebook says there are some caveats to using HTTPS, including slower load times, and some features might not work entirely, such as third party applications that have not been updated to support the network standard.

The company is working to resolve remaining issues over the coming weeks.

The social networking giant continues to offer other security features accessible from the Account Settings page of your Facebook profile, including the ability to use one-time passwords and even remote logout.

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