Fed Slashes Rate to 0.25%

The US Fed has now cut the interest rate to 0.25%, basically at 0, and it’s possible we will see negative interest rates in the coming weeks. Everything in monetary policy has been already done, the US Fed must inject liquidity into the credit market to influence lending. Given inflation and the low interest rates, the smart thing to do financially would be to spend/lend money, and that`s exactly what the Fed wants banks to do. Consumer loans are drying up, given inflation and a negative rate, it will arguably force banks to lend money. The fed has done everything it can to get the credit market going, and I really think we will see negative interest rates to kick-start lending and spending.

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Hercules holds a B.Comm Finance from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) level 3 candidate. He was previously a contributor at FiLife, a finance website owned by Dow Jones and IAC. Write to [email protected]
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