First iPad reviews published, ABC and CBS to offer free TV shows

As the launch date of the Apple iPad inches closer, top tech journalists have published the first reviews (all with praise) of the device.

The New York Times David Pogue and the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg were the first to publish their reviews, along with other journalists including from USA Today.

In summary of the reviews, Mr. Mossberg enjoyed using the on-screen keyboard, while NYT’s David Pogue didn’t favor it very much. None of the reviewers complained about the lack of camera or even no flash support. The reviewers also noted the iPad worked as advertised when it came to its 10-hour battery life.

 Mr. Mossberg also noted the iPad could change how people use computers and computer sales could take a hit because of the device. Mr. Pogue on the other hand said the iPad is no laptop.

The reviews come today as the WSJ reports both ABC and CBS will offer selected free ad-supported TV shows for streaming onto the iPad ready at launch.

Microsoft Corporation is expected to unveil its iPad competitor, Microsoft Courier, by the end of this year. The device features two-folded LCDs similar to a conventional book format. Microsoft has yet to officially announce the product.

USA Today’s Graham Jefferson Review

PC World Review

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