Apple Shows First In-Depth Video Look of GarageBand for iPad

garageband-ipad Apple has published the first promotional detailed video showcasing the new features of GarageBand for iPad.

The application features a number of virtual instruments, including piano, guitar, a drum set, among other instruments and tools.

When using the virtual piano, a user could set a number of different settings, including the ability to change the keyboard size, and even the ability to display dual keyboards.

 The iPad 2 is able to sense how hard you tap on the screen, GarageBand is able to utilize the functionality by adjusting the sounds based on the pressure you apply when you tap. Certain instruments, like the virtual drum kit also emit different pitches based on where you tap on the on-screen instrument.

For users that have no prior experience with playing instruments, Apple introduced the “smart instruments” feature, which novice users could use to generate multiple chords that sound good together that are chosen by the program by simply pressing a single chord.

With the guitar connector (sold separately $99), you could pair your guitar with your iPad, and use your guitar with an assortment of virtual amps on the iPad, and you could even create your own pedal board with the different amp styles.

At the top of the application, you will find a stationary record button to obviously record your creations.

The editing board provides a complete a-track recording studio, allowing you to add additional instruments to your mix, and even edit the mixing board timeline and duration of different instruments you add by trimming, adjusting the volume, adding reverb and echo, among other filters.

Once you’re done, you could export the MP3 file to your iTunes library, and even save in the GarageBand format to continue working on your music on the GarageBand Mac version.

You could check out the video by visiting the newly updated GarageBand iPad website by clicking on the “Watch the GarageBand video” link on the left hand side.

GarageBand for iPad is compatible with both the first generation iPad, and the iPad 2, which will debut on March 11, 2011 in North America, with a broader release later in the month.

The Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed down nearly 10 basis points to $352.47 per share in today’s trading session, after a volatile last couple of weeks of trading.

Update: Apple also published additional guided-tour videos of various features of the iPad.

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