GoDaddy CEO Criticized for Shooting and Killing Elephant

The chief executive officer, Bob Parsons, of the popular Internet services company, GoDaddy Inc., is being heavily criticized today after a video showing him killing an elephant in Zimbabwe made the rounds on the Internet starting early this morning.

In the video embedded below, Mr. Parsons slayed the elephant by firing two shots with a rifle, causing a herd of other elephants to scatter amid the night commotion.

 Parsons published the video of his trip on his blog, saying “Each year I go to Zimbabwe and hunt problem elephant. It’s one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do.”

GoDaddy competitors are taking advantage of the event, with some firms even agreeing to donate a portion of sales to animal cruelty charities from sales generated from existing GoDaddy customers that migrate their business.

The elephant was killed as farmers claimed the animals were responsible for destroying valuable crops.

The hunters subsequently waited for elephants to arrive at night, and Mr. Parsons mercilessly killed the elephant.

The video shows that one elephant was killed while others scattered into the fields.

It is not clear if more elephants were later killed.

Meat from the elephant was subsequently shared among more than one hundred villagers (many of whom were wearing GoDaddy hats) later in the morning when daylight broke.

Proponents argue the only feasible solution is to kill the problem elephants as they cause significant and irreparable damage to crops that feed villagers and earn income for farmers.

Requests for comment from GoDaddy were not returned.

The video embedded below is graphic, showing Parsons killing the animal at the two minute mark, viewer discretion is advised.

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  • Cloud Jolt

    This is such a terrible thing.. we need to band together to save the elephants! check out how at!

  • Israel Travel

    Parsons is absurd, PETA is reasonable enough!nSORRY to GoDaddy, your man made this rough.

  • Anonymous

    Gun freaks love these little rescue shoot scenarios.

  • Graham Reed

    Disgraceful…. I hope that people boycot GoDaddy – espcially hearing him on Piers Morgan Tonight – B*****D

    • Vladi

      oh i agree big time, i just seen him on Piers Morgan too, when asked if his company has experienced any of the negative effects he said no, sure…. i guess he doesn’t know about the thousands of people who are bashing him on comments, including on the Business 2.0 Press.

  • Shelly

    I’ve already made the switch to Canvas Dreams ( and they offer the first domain name transferred from Godaddy for 70 years (or the usual lifespan of an elephant)! Their coupon code happens to be DITCHBOB.

  • Dustin

    Its pretty easy to say that murdering and elephant is easy while we sit and sip mia tais in our cushy western world. Elephants, in their current populations, are a problem for humans in Zimbabwe. This is a simple matter of us or them. If you choose the latter and claim that the elephant population is more important there than the human population. I suggest you take initiative to do something about our own overpopulation issues and kill yourself. If you’re going to put your cute affinity towards animals above human starvation, you’re rooting for the wrong team. Also, if these elephants are allowed to continue breeding as they do. They will destroy the habitat they live in for themselves and the rest of the ecosystem there, which in turn will starve them. I’m not advocating murder in cold blood, I don’t mistreat animals, but I am advocating controlling them as a necessity when our own species is in peril. Go ahead and propose alternatives. Relocation, Contraception etc… but don’t forget the facts on their efficacy and feasibility. Seriously people, do you care more about elephants or people?

    • Metoo

      You are an idiot… one day you might want to educate yourself on sustainable living before you end up living in a wasteland and drinking your own urine.

      • Dustin

        How about you make an argument with facts instead of name calling?  Research the issue, then come back to me with some information.

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