Google adds screenshot previews of websites on search results

googleThe world’s largest search engine in the world, Google, has made available a new tool called Instant Previews to its search results, allowing users to see screen-shot previews of web pages directly from the search results.

Google Instant Previews works by adding a simple magnifying glass beside the title of each result, and when clicked by the user, it displays a screen shot of the webpage.

The company says it will cache popular pages from popular websites for the previews, and for other websites, it will generate the screenshot on the fly.

 The move comes as part of a broader strategy to make search more seamless for users to find information quicker.

The feature was already available, as part of a testing pilot project, but the feature has now been expanded to all users without the need to manually enable the option.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine already offers web page previews on its search results by hovering over the arrow button that appears over search results.

In another upgrade to its search, the company released Google Instant, a feature that returned search results dynamically as users entered text, thereby not requiring users to actually re-load the entire page.

Google Instant Previews is currently active on the company’s U.S. site, and is not functioning on its Canadian site.

Google Instant is functioning on both versions.

Google currently holds just over a 65-percent market share of the online U.S. search market.

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