Google Chrome Mac gets Extensions support

Google recently released its Chrome browser for Mac OS X, but until now, users could not enjoy add-ons and extensions because they were not supported.

The latest development build (caution: this release might not be stable) of Chrome for Mac now includes support for Chrome extensions. Extensions are small and free apps that are made by third-party developers that add or enhance existing browser functionality. Extensions support was already available for the Windows version of Chrome. Other Mac browsers such as both Safari and Firefox already have a large list of available extensions.

There are few more enhancements in the latest build such as the ability to display your opened tabs only with their respective favicons only.

According to the latest data, Google Chrome is now the third most popular web browser, edging out Apple’s Safari browser. From CBC, the data indicates Microsoft’s Internet Explorer holds 63-percent market share, with Firefox second with only about 25-percent, followed by Google’s Chrome browser with a small yet significant 4.5-percent.

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