Google Cloud Print to bring universal print support across tablets, mobiles

Google Cloud Print: bring print to the cloud with any device

google-cloud-print-diagramGoogle Inc. today announced a newly proposed methodology that would allow consumers to seamlessly print from any computer, and even mobile phone, to any printer.

For the most part today, consumers simply go to their local computer at home that is correctly installed with the manufacturer’s device software with the necessary drivers.

Google wants to go a step further by eliminating the problem of having to install different and non-standardized software/drivers on your computer.

 The company says printers should work in the Cloud, meaning printers would no longer need to be directly constrained to local computers.

The search giant is hoping manufacturers will begin to adopt cloud-aware printers (printers that are connected to the internet), that way, with Google Cloud Print, you would be able to seamlessly print from your Google Chrome OS powered tablet (that is expected this year), or from your Chrome powered mobile phone. You would even be able to seamlessly print from many printers, even from your local library or work place.

Despite the fact this new model would make life easier, less complicated and less stressful, Google Cloud Print is more than that, the product is strategically important for Google who will begin offering Google Chrome OS powered tablets and other mobile products that would prove more difficult and efficient to actually print from those devices. The new model will help solve the issue of printing hence make the new technologies more adoptable.

Google said in a blog post today, “The ideal experience is for your printer to have native support for connecting to cloud print services. Under this model, the printer has no need for a PC connection of any kind or for a print driver.”

Google acknowledges the project is in the early stages and cloud aware printers are currently not available. But today, the company is making the software code (documentation) of the project open to the public to help jump-start the project.

Yesterday, Google reported Q1 2010 earnings, reporting a significant 37-percent increase in net income to $1.96-billion in the quarter YoY, but slightly missed analyst expectations.

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