Google Launches Grand Central as Google Voice, New Features Including Voicemail Transcription

Google acquired Grand Central in 2007 for more than $50 million in just over a year after the company launched. Grand Central essentially centralizes all of your phone numbers into one prime number; therefore even as you change numbers work or mobile numbers, everyone will still have your primary number.

Google has now finally re-launched the service as Google Voice. New user registrations are still closed but will be opened in the coming weeks. Google says existing Grand Central users will be getting an email with instructions on how to take advantage of the new features that will soon be opened to everyone.

Google is set to add many new useful features, including  voicemail, SMS, email transcription, text messaging, and a simpler user interface to let you easily manage your SMS, recorded calls, voicemail and other features. You will still be able to purchase credits towards making conference and international calls via VoIP.

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  • Teresa Greaves

    Numerous services like this already exist with much more of a robust feature set.

    Service likes RingCentral, GotVmail, OneBox, VirtualPBX etc.

    They all offer this and 1000 times more.

    Granted they are paid but they also offer 800 numbers where Google doesn't.

    All depends on if you view the service for personal use or business.

    If for business I'd definitely go for one of the others…for $10 vs. free you get much more.

    My 2 cents.

  • phonefan

    Google Voice's basic idea is beautiful (even though no news of course) – get a new phone number and give it to friends as your primary contact number; you are in full control of where the call is forwarded. What is not clear is whether the googleguys seriously expect people to use their service for international calling. Google Voice offers a complicated three-step process and the rates aren't lower than many calling cards'. Why bother if you can use a service like and simply dial a local number to reach your foreign friend directly from your mobile?

  • phonefan

    I agree, Teresa, also for businesses, you can just download Unison for free. it's superior to GV and includes all the google voice features plus fully integrates business-level pbx, email, status, IM etc….

  • Hercules K

    Always good to see new players, especially big ones – only leads to more innovation!

  • jason

    i always liked the idea of this..

  • jason

    i always liked the idea of this..

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