Google Maps Could Be Banned in China As Deadline Nears

google-maps-carGoogle’s volatile relationship with the Chinese government doesn’t seem to be ironing out yet, in fact, it could get worse, as a new deadline from the Chinese State Bureau of Surveying looms that could see Google Maps blocked in the country.

The Chinese government requires Internet mapping websites that operate in China to receive a license to operate in the country through an approval process that is designed to protect national security, including by censoring data, among other practices.

 Websites that are not approved to operate are entirely blocked in the country, and could only be accessible through gateways like proxies.

The bureau’s spokesperson, Kou Jingwei, today publically confirmed it had yet to receive an application from Google as the March 31 deadline nears. Google declined to comment specifically on whether an application was in fact sent or not. Google generically said the company was in the process of evaluating the impact of any restrictions and regulations.

Most recently, Google accused the Chinese government of interfering with its popular email service, Google Gmail, in a sophisticated attack that hindered various functions, including the ability to send messages.

Google claims the interference was designed to make it appear to users as if Google was experiencing technical difficulties with its systems, but Google later confirmed there were no technical issues from its side, blaming the Chinese government.

The Chinese government widely monitors and censors information on the Internet that even marginally presents a threat to the government and efforts have increased in the wake of recent pro-democracy protests throughout the Middle East.

The Google stock (NASDAQ:GOOG) is trading up 0.39-percent to $584 per share as at mid-day trading.

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  • PotoWa

    google also stopped censoring its search results = google search doesn’t work in China….they should have stood up to the Chinese government a long time ago…enough of the bs and exit China already…more foreign companies should cease operations there until there are serious changes…hit them were it hurts most, in the wallet.

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