Google upgrades site-overlay feature in Analytics with In-Picture Analytics

googleThe world’s largest search engine, Google, today released a new tool for its popular website analytics software, Google Analytics, that allows webmasters to better understand visitor behavior with a new tool called In-Page Analytics.

The tool simply overlays various information over your actual website within an i-frame in the Google Analytics dashboard, giving webmasters a better understanding of what people are clicking on and what parts of a page are more often being used.

The company previously offered a site-overlay feature, but the company admitted in a blog post today that it “hasn’t worked as well [as] it could”.

Google has retroactively added the new feature across all existing English accounts, and it is already available under the “Content” menu under In-Page Analytics, which is currently in beta.

 The new feature allows webmasters to identify what users are clicking (for example, which products?), and how they are navigating the site. The feature also displays the percentage of clicks on each link within a specified page to help webmasters determine popular links and pages. You could also add filters to make information more useful, such as to hide insignificant links, and could even add filters based on activity from users from specified referring sites (or traffic from ad campaigns or organic search traffic), and even filter by geographic location.

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that allows webmasters to gain insightful qualitative and quantitative information about their website, including where users are originating from, referring websites, including user information such as loyalty, among many other features.

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    its very nice feature to view insight of pages viewed by users really like this feature to know about most visited pages to make new updates in web sie

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