Google Voice voicemails are accidentally being indexed

Privacy concerns are being raised over the search giant accidentally making private voicemails available publically from its popular Google Voice service

A technical error in the Google algorithm is indexing private voicemail recordings from Google Voice and making them available to the public.

If you currently search “site:*” in Google, it will return various voicemails, some dated as far back as many months ago, to even only hours ago.

As of right now, if you perform the search string noted above, the voicemails are still available publically with transcription.

 Google employee Vincent Paquet noted in a support forum question that Google has made a change in how the pages are indexed and crawled to prevent more private voicemails from being indexed. The website owner now has the option on if those pages will be indexed.

The last thing people would want here is for others to actually query a persons name included in the string to bring up very private voicemails of that specific person.

This latest incident reignites online privacy concerns over just how safe our data really is online and who is actually really using it.

But hey, I guess all this is okay since Google will be flipping the $13 per flight WiFi fee on Virigin America flights between November 10, 2009 through January 15, 2010.

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