Microsoft Bringing Silverlight to Xbox 360 in 2011

Microsoft Corporation will bring its popular web platform, Silverlight, to its Xbox 360 gaming console, according to a high-level positioned person at the company who is familiar with the matter that spoke on condition of anonymity because the details were not made public.

The company is building a team of developers who could develop a Silverlight version for the Xbox 360, which could be released some time around the fourth quarter of 2011, according to the source.

Our source says the reasoning behind the move is to better strategically position the gaming console from a possibly significant threat from Google’s Android powered TV set-top-box which will include various applications, including streaming movies, e-mail, the Google Chrome web browser, among other applications developed for Android.

The Silverlight platform, which could already be used by developers to create applications for the company’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system, would bring familiar applications already found on other platforms that use Silverlight, including your regular PC browser, to the Xbox 360 platform.

 As part of a broader strategy to make the gaming platform more social and integrated across different products (such as the integration of Xbox Live with Windows Phone 7), new applications will become available on the system from a new market app ecosystem, including revamped social networking applications, and very likely, an Internet browser for the system which is still not present on the latest Xbox firmware.

Silverlight support on the Xbox would mean developers could easily use an existing app codebase to add Xbox compatibility, without the need of having to re-write code, which is a costly process.

Microsoft has already begun offering various third party applications on the Xbox 360, including Facebook and Twitter applications.

The company already offers various applications on the closed Xbox system, such as a Netflix application on the more recent Xbox dashboard firmware, which allows users to stream movies from Netflix for a single low-cost monthly subscription fee, thanks to a deal reached between Microsoft and Netflix.

Opening up Xbox by adding Silverlight support would mean the company could more efficiently streamline applications through an approval process, much like Apple’s iOS App Store approval process, instead of inefficiently having to directly make deals with firms.

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    as i am silverlight developer. its great news for me

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