Starbucks gets new logo, drops Starbucks Coffee wording

new-starbucks-logoThe Seattle-based premium coffee brewer, Starbucks, has made the biggest update to its corporate logo since its inception in 1971 in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

The logo now entirely features the sea nymph, and no longer includes the “Starbucks coffee” wording around the logo.

This March would mark forty years since the company first launched, and today, the company offers a lot more than just coffee.

 Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz says the new logo follows the company to a point that is more suitable in the future, that is, it gives the company the freedom and flexibility to think beyond just coffee.

Mr. Schultz goes on to say that the new interpretation of the logo at its core is the exact same essence of the Starbucks experience.

The company says it will continue to be the world’s top quality coffee brewer, even as the company diversifies its offerings to sell more products.

Some consumers have already voiced their disagreement with the company in removing the company name off of the logo, while others argue the branding is in fact more suitable for today, and that the brand is simply already developed thereby the name isn’t as necessary today.

The new logos will hit stores starting this March.

The Starbucks stock (NASDAQ:SBUX) closed down nearly half a percent to $32.35 per share, but is trading up by more than 40-percent compared to the beginning of 2010.

Starbucks also increased its regularly scheduled quarterly dividend to $0.13 from $0.10 in August 2010.

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  • raider

    Are you kidding me?!!!
    The logo as it WAS was very iconic. You idiot, did you ever hear the phrase, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it?”
    You are destroying one of the things that makes Starbucks great!

  • Missbuffy

    HATE it!! Leave it as it is!

  • Missbuffy

    HATE it!! Leave it as it is!

  • DonRKebab

    Though in my opinion the old logo did look better, this development makes sense. Starbucks has already established itself so well that the “Sea Nymph” itself is instantly recognisable as “that mermaid thing from Starbucks”. Dropping the words around it represents their progress, as well as removes their ties to only being a company that ONLY sells coffee.

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