Nokia Mobile exec says no plans to launch Google Android powered product

symbian-logoTraditional phone-makers such as Nokia have seen slumping sales and losses in market share as competition in the mobile space has greatly intensified over the last few years, namely with the introduction of the iPhone from Apple and now more recently, Android from Google.

Google specifically has made its Android operating system open source, allowing device makers to use its advanced operating system to power their devices without licensing fees.

Today, Anassi Vanjoki, the top man at Nokia’s Mobile Solutions, confirmed via a blog post that the company has no plans to release any devices powered by Google Android, instead, opting for its now open-source Symbian platform.

 Vanjoki made it clear by saying; “there are no plans to introduce an Android device from Nokia (despite rumors to the contrary),”

The markets long rumored Nokia would develop at least one smartphone powered by Google Android, or maybe even a tablet computer, but that reality will not materialize, at least not any time soon.

Nokia, much like every other traditional phone maker, including Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of the the BlackBerry smartphone, will have to find a way to make their devices more appealing to the consumer market segment as more people switch to the iPhone that offers more features, including HD video recording, and more than 150,000 applications to choose from.

The news comes as other consumer electronics firms, the latest being South Korean-based LG, have plans to release Android powered devices as soon as by the end of this year.

Vanjoki says he is perfectly aligned with bringing Nokia to the top of the mobile realm once again, and says “We have all the assets at our disposal under one roof – to produce killer smartphones and market-changing mobile computers.”

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  • Sarah James

    I had an Nokia N82 which had lasted me some time and was beating away all pretenders to the throne. It had proved a very capable phone with its highly regarded camera and the stability of S60 3rd Edition. That said I had wanted a change for a good while, only nothing that came along was managing to get my pulse racing. I had been thinking the iPhone 3GS was next on my list but, to be sure I liked an all touch screen device, I decided to test the water with a Nokia 5800.

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