Pixazza seals $6M Google investment, to become the AdSense of Photos?

pixazzaPixazza is a new start-up that hopes to become the AdSense of photos. The company has developed software that identifies items in pictures and matches them to real products people can purchase. The company users real product experts to help match related products. For example, when visiting your favorite celebrity site, if you find something that looks great on someone, if available, you will be able to mouse-over to get pricing on related products, and click to learn more and buy.

“Pixazza’s unique technical advantage is its crowdsourcing platform,” said CTO James Everingham. “No computer algorithm can identify a black pair of Jimmy Choo boots from the 2009 fall collection as well as a person. Rather than rely on computer algorithms, our platform enlists product experts to drive the process.”

Pixazza has raised a Series A fund worth $5.75 million from Google  and VC firms including CMEA Capital, and August Capital, among other investors.

Publishers simply make an account; add the Java code to their header, Pixazza then automatically starts scanning the photos to identify real products. Publishers get full commission, however, there is one big catch: publishers only get paid on a successful purchase, so impressions or clicks don’t matter here, therefore it will probably be very difficult for publishers to monetize.

Assuming Pixazza can develop its software to identify real life items for sale as close as possible to the items in the photos, and with some sort of user defined search to make it easier too, people will find and buy stuff from trusted partners such as Amazon.

The company is now seeking fashion-related apparel publishers to adopt the service.

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