Rogers unveils iPad 3G pricing, availability

Canada’s largest cable and wireless company, Rogers, today unveiled prices for Apple’s iPad 3G tablet that is set to launch in Canada and other international markets on May 28.

The company said the iPad would be available for CDN $15 per month for 250mb of data, or $35 per month for 5gb of data (plus the cost of the device). If you already have a wireless monthly plan with Rogers, the company said users could add the iPad plan for an additional $20 per month (with 5gb of data) as an additional cost to their existing phone bill.

Additionally, Rogers confirmed today it would restrict tethering on the device, thereby not allowing consumers to tether their iPad to other devices such as netbooks. The company already allows tethering with other smartphones it offers, including the Apple iPhone 3GS, but said the feature would not be available on the iPad.

Rogers also said the iPad will not be available on Fido, at least for now.

Fido is another Canadian discount telecom that is also owned by Rogers.

The other primary Canadian telecoms we contacted (both Bell and Telus), declined to confirm availability of Apple’s latest tablet on their own respective networks and also declined to provide any insight in to possible pricing schemes.

We reported on March 11, 2010 that Telus executive David Fuller said Telus would diversify by offering tablets, but he did not confirm an iPad launch at that time.

It is unclear when the iPad could launch on Telus or Bell, but it appears Rogers has an exclusive contract with Apple to be the initial telecom to offer the device.

The Rogers plans compare to USD $15 and USD $30 for 250mb and 5gb of data, respectively, on AT&T in the United States. AT&T allows tethering, whereas Rogers does not.

Demand for the iPad remains high with strong sales numbers despite the fact the product has only launched in the United States.

Apple said it sold 1-million iPad devices in 28 days, 300,000 of which were sold on the product launch date.

Rogers has traditionally enjoyed a complete monopoly over Canada’s GSM cellular landscape after acquiring Fido.

The monopoly ended on November 3, 2009 when both Telus and Bell launched their new joint $1-billion network supporting the largely globally accepted GSM standard.

The Canadian telecom market has since changed very slowly as a result of new discount market participants such as Wind Mobile.

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