Sony confirms 3D TVs June Japan launch

Sony Corporation today confirmed it would begin selling 3D televisions starting June 10, 2010 starting in Japan. The company will later offer the 3D capable televisions in other countries but failed to specify when.

Manufacturers are hoping to capitalize on the recent explosion of 3D content, such as the hugely successful movie “Avatar” directed by James Cameron, which has now become the highest grossing movie in history.

Sony will offer up to eight 3D BRAVIA models (with 3 series, the LX900, HX800, HX900), with the LX900 series being offered first starting June 10. The other two series will be available on June 16.

 The higher-end LX900 series range in screen-sizes from 40-inches up to 60-inches, ranging in price from $3,200 to $6,500. The Sony TVs also have sensors that adjust the picture and sound depending on where people are watching relevant to the TV. The LX900 series televisions are also bundled with two 3D glasses and include WiFi connectivity.

It is unlikely consumers will strongly adopt the 3D TVs, and not just because they are aggressively priced, but because there is currently little 3D content available. In Canada, the cable-networks significantly lag behind their U.S. counterparts and have yet to roll-out 1080p HD, let alone 3D.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming console has 3D capability, the company will likely push game-developers to create 3D games to help drive sales of the 3D TVs to people who are willing to pay the added premium for the bleeding edge technology. Additionally, not all blu-ray players have 3D capability, so consumers with even newer blu-ray models will still have to dish out more cash if they want to watch the 3D movies.

Sony is somewhat late to deliver 3D TVs, with 3D TVs already available in North America from Panasonic and LG. The good news for consumers is that the Sony prices will be lower than that of the current Panasonic models available in North America.

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    How exactly does such TV work?

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