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Microsoft, Yahoo Chipped Away at Google’s Search Market Share in February

google-searchThe world’s most popular online search engine, Google, lost an immaterial amount of market share in February 2011 over the previous month, according to a new report published by the research firm HitWise.

The decline in Google market share was the result of a marginal gain in the combined market share of top rivals, Microsoft and Yahoo.

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Google Brings Instant Previews to Search on Android, iPhone

googleThe world’s largest Internet search engine, Google, has announced a new feature for mobile users that will make searching for content from a mobile a more seamless experience.

Google added a new feature to search result pages that allows users to pan through previews of websites returned in search results.

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Google Implements Biggest Search Changes, Penalizes Thousands of Websites

google-searchThe world’s most popular online search engine, Google Inc., yesterday implemented the most significant changes in over a year to its search algorithms that rank websites in an effort to increase the quality of its index.

Google says its primary goal is to provide the most relevant results for queries as quickly as possible, but for years, low-quality websites have been gaming Google’s proprietary systems to artificially increase their rankings, thereby getting more visitors from organic search results.

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Sony Seeks Personal Information from Twitter, YouTube Users In PlayStation 3 Hack Case

The notorious 21-year old computer programmer from New Jersey, George Hotz, best known for being the first to crack Apple’s iOS iPhone to run homebrewed applications, is facing legal troubles after releasing a hack variation for Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming system.

At first believed to be un-crackable, programmers were finally able to crack the firmware of the four-year-old gaming console, allowing gamers to play pirated games, and to run homebrewed third party applications.

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Google Unveils Android Honeycomb Logo, Schedules Press Event

The world’s largest online search engine, turned mobile OS giant, Google Inc., has unveiled a new logo for its upcoming Google Android 3.0 tablet centric operating system code-named “Honeycomb”.

The original Android logo features a robot figure, which is also incorporated in the new logo.

The company in the past also incorporated the original Android robot figure in other versions of Android, including Android Donut, and Android Cupcake.

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“Outgoing” Google CEO Schmidt to get $100mn equity award

Update: Schmidt’s new post at Google could be short lived, as he is reportedly seeking a career in television, according to a report from the New York Post, which says he is in negotiations with CNN executive producer Liza McGurk on developing a show featuring himself.

The world’s largest online search engine, Google Inc., has announced plans to replace the current company chief executive officer, Eric Schmidt, with Google co-founder Larry Page, effective April 4, 2011.

Eric Schmidt has served as the chief executive at Google since August 2001.

As part of a reward package to Schmidt, Google confirmed it would give him a $100-million equity bonus over a four-year period.

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Google to Strengthen Rules on Spammers and Content Farms in 2011

google-search-homepageWith about 66-percent market share of the total U.S. online search market, Google is the largest online search engine in the world.

Google has always been the target of marketers and spammers who create low quality and highly unreliable content across thousands of topics for the sole purpose of generating revenue with CPC advertisements by manipulating content to position articles high up in search results.

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Google Goggles Updated, Could Even Solve Sudoku Puzzles

googleThe world’s largest online search engine, Google, has updated its popular Google Goggles mobile search application, making it a whole lot smarter.

Google Goggles works by utilizing the camera in your smartphone to retrieve useful information in search results, essentially, you could snap pictures of objects, text, photos, people, landmarks, among other things, and the app then retrieves search results after scanning the photo.

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Google to Release Fixes for Android Smartphone SMS Issues

Google Android smartphone users previously reported technical bugs in the popular mobile operating related to the way SMS messages were being handled by Android.

The bugs caused the operating system to entirely mishandle text messages, some times even sending messages to unintended recipients without the sender knowing at all.

The now critically classified bug likely put many users at risk of sending possibly confidential information to other people in their address book, among other information.

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Groupon looking to raise $950mn from preferred stock issuance, IPO likely to be pushed back

grouponUpdate: Groupon has raised $500-million (SEC filing) of the $950-million from various investors, including the New York City-based investment bank, Morgan Stanley (first time investor), among other partners.

The Chicago-based private and largest Internet consumer coupon service, Groupon, is planning to raise additional capital, up to $950-million by issuing new Series G preferred stock, according to a new securities court filing in a Delaware court.

Groupon would use the proceeds from the issuance to fund continuing operations and to help expand the company by entering new and emerging markets, either by acquisitions or simply by direct investment.

According to the court papers, the company changed its corporate licensing certificate to allow it to issue up to an additional 30.1-million preferred Series G which would value the firm at $4.75-billion.

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