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New Yahoo Messenger app will bring cross platform video chat to iPhone

The new chat client would bring video conferencing to the iPhone directly though the app, and for the first time, it would allow users to video chat PC to iPhone, and not simply iPhone to iPhone via FaceTime.

Yahoo will also be releasing the app for Android devices and will soon be available on the Android Market.

The Yahoo Messenger app uses the same technology as its desktop counterpart to connect for a video chat, meaning users would be able to video chat across different platforms as long as the Yahoo app is supported.

Mobile users would even be able to video conference with Android users, Windows users, Linux users, and Mac users, among others.

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Firefox Mobile for Android devices now available for download

firefox-androidThe maker of the popular Internet browser, Mozilla, has released the mobile version of the Firefox, called Fennec, for Android devices, with support for additional devices to come in the coming months.

Mozilla Mobile for Android is available to download from the Firefox website as it is in beta, so it’s not yet available in the Android Market just yet.

Firefox mobile, or Fennec, however you’d like to call it, brings many advanced features that you already have on your PC version of the browser.

You should find the browser to be very functional and seamless when visiting websites as it supports HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS5 web standards.

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Garmin developing Windows Phone 7 and Android smartphone

garmin logoGarmin, the maker of the popular portable GPS navigation units, is developing a Windows Phone 7 Series powered smartphone, coupled with its GPS application, the same version found on the company’s portable GPS units, according to a confidential source familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because the plans were not made public.

Late in 2009, Google announced it would release Google Maps Navigation, a free application for Android powered devices that provided turn-by-turn GPS navigation with its popular street-view imagery.

That announcement alone caused both the Garmin and TomTom stocks to tank.

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Google CEO says mobile ads to account for majority of revenue

google-buildingGoogle chief executive, Eric Schmidt, today made important comments about where he believes the majority of total revenue generated at his company would come from.

During the popular annual technology conference, TechCrunch Disrupt, in San Francisco today, Dr. Schmidt said that he believes “the majority of searches and the majority of revenue [would come from mobile devices],”

He cautioned that revenue generated from mobile advertising right now is not material (less than 5-percent of total revenue), despite exponential growth in mobile device use thanks to more advanced smartphones that offer a better browsing experience.

Online advertising generates about $24-billion in revenue for the company, which accounts for more than 90-percent of total revenue for Google.

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Gartner forecasts Android to overtake RIM’s BlackBerry this year

The influential business IT market research and analysis firm, Gartner, published a report today about mobile cell phone sales, predicting Ontario’s Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of the popular enterprise centric smartphone, would lose its spot as the second largest phone maker this year.

Gartner noted intensifying competition from Google’s Android mobile operating system, and Apple’s iPhone.

Google Android is expected to edge RIM out of the second spot as more handsets are expected to ship with Google’s OS.

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Google to stop selling Nexus One smartphone directly to consumers

Google has just announced the company would no longer sell its flagship Nexus One Android powered smartphone directly to consumers.

The company said in a statement found on the product website that it has received the final batch of shipments from its manufacturing partner, Taiwanese-based High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC), and that it would not be selling additional units after the final inventory is depleted.

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Nokia Mobile exec says no plans to launch Google Android powered product

symbian-logoTraditional phone-makers such as Nokia have seen slumping sales and losses in market share as competition in the mobile space has greatly intensified over the last few years, namely with the introduction of the iPhone from Apple and now more recently, Android from Google.

Google specifically has made its Android operating system open source, allowing device makers to use its advanced operating system to power their devices without licensing fees.

Today, Anassi Vanjoki, the top man at Nokia’s Mobile Solutions, confirmed via a blog post that the company has no plans to release any devices powered by Google Android, instead, opting for its now open-source Symbian platform.

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Google readying Google Music web-based music store, iTunes competitor

Google Corp. is planning to launch an online music store, simply named Google Music; with the service launching as early as by the end of next month.

The new product will be in direct competition with Apple’s iTunes music store, which is the biggest online music web store in the world.

Google Music works by allowing consumers to make purchases from the Google Market from their web-based PC, with the DRM-free music files being automatically pushed to their Google Android powered mobile device.

Google will also be offering a local application on your PC that would allow you to stream music from your Android device to your PC.

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Why RIM needs to push BlackBerry 6 out before June 7

BlackBerry WES 2010 April conference where BlackBerry 6 was unveiled

Competition in the mobile space has been intensifying ever since the iPhone truly revolutionized the mobile realm, followed more recently with the Android mobile operating system developed by Google that has recently seen record sales.

Research In Motion, the maker of the popular BlackBerry enterprise centric (turned consumer friendly) messaging device has traditionally enjoyed a competitive edge (and arguably still does) over other platforms with its superior messaging capabilities, mainly seamless push e-mail and PIN messaging with BlackBerry Messenger.

RIM has traditionally been focused on developing handsets that are geared towards enterprise with an efficient and functional operating system that is designed to serve its primary purpose: mobile messaging, e-mail, and notifications.

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Mobile market grows 56% in Q1, Apple challenges RIM’s second top spot

The market research firm IDC published a report today on global smartphone sales, indicating the market grew 56.7-percent in Q1 2010 with 54.7-million units shipped, compared to 34.9-million units shipped in the same period last year.

The smartphone market also grew by a record 38-percent in the final quarter of 2009 year-over-year.

Most notably, Apple was able to double its iPhone sales over the same period last year, as the company introduced the iPhone in emerging high-growth markets such as China.

According to the report, Apple sold 8.8-million iPhone devices, putting the company in the third top spot of global mobile vendors.

Apple is expected to unveil its latest iPhone model sometime this June, with the more redefined OS 4 that will bring many new features including multi-tasking, enhanced e-mail and personal information management, among other key enhancements.

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