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Groupon IPO Could Value Company at $25bn

Bloomberg is reporting Groupon’s valuation could now be pegged at $25-billion, according to confidential sources that spoke to the publication who were familiar with discussions taking place between Groupon and investment banks as the company looks for an initial pubic offering (IPO).

Groupon generates revenue by splitting revenue with merchants that offer deep discount limited-time deals exclusively for Groupon users. Groupon currently has about 75-million users, and the company continues to expand into new markets.

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RIM Revamps Facebook BlackBerry App, Includes Facebook Chat

Research In Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, has made available its new Facebook application for BlackBerry devices, available now in beta to a limited number of people through BlackBerry Beta Zone.

The revamped application features a more intuitive user interface that is more consistent with the BlackBerry experience. For example, other system notifications outside of the Facebook app, like new e-mails or BBM notifications, now appear unobtrusively at the top of the system bar.

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RIM Partners with Microsoft for Cloud-based Services

blackberry-playbookThe Waterloo, Ontario-based maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, Research In Motion (RIM), today announced a cloud-based data storage partnership with the world’s largest software vendor, Microsoft Corp.

RIM will use Microsoft servers and software to provide cloud-based storage solutions for clients, as more of them shift their data to the cloud.

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Google Overhauls iPhone Search App, New Interface/Features, Available Now

The world’s largest Internet search engine, Google Inc., has released a new search application, Google Mobile App, for Apple iOS devices that includes a revamped user interface with new gesture controls, new features, and improved performance, among other enhancements.

The new swipe features make searches more intuitive by utilizing new swipe gestures that bring up contextual menus. For example, if you swipe from left to right, a contextual menu appears that allows you to filter your results by time, Google Places, Images, News, Videos, Blogs, Discussions, among other parameters.

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Microsoft, Yahoo Chipped Away at Google’s Search Market Share in February

google-searchThe world’s most popular online search engine, Google, lost an immaterial amount of market share in February 2011 over the previous month, according to a new report published by the research firm HitWise.

The decline in Google market share was the result of a marginal gain in the combined market share of top rivals, Microsoft and Yahoo.

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Google Brings Instant Previews to Search on Android, iPhone

googleThe world’s largest Internet search engine, Google, has announced a new feature for mobile users that will make searching for content from a mobile a more seamless experience.

Google added a new feature to search result pages that allows users to pan through previews of websites returned in search results.

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RIM Offers Preinstalled Music Store on PlayBook with 7digital Partnership

The Waterloo-based maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone, Research In Motion (RIM) Inc., has confirmed a new partnership with the online media retailer 7digital Inc.

The strategic partnership aims to make RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet more attractive to consumers by offering a seamless app for users to purchase digital media, including individual songs, albums, videos, among other content.

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Google Implements Biggest Search Changes, Penalizes Thousands of Websites

google-searchThe world’s most popular online search engine, Google Inc., yesterday implemented the most significant changes in over a year to its search algorithms that rank websites in an effort to increase the quality of its index.

Google says its primary goal is to provide the most relevant results for queries as quickly as possible, but for years, low-quality websites have been gaming Google’s proprietary systems to artificially increase their rankings, thereby getting more visitors from organic search results.

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Sony Seeks Personal Information from Twitter, YouTube Users In PlayStation 3 Hack Case

The notorious 21-year old computer programmer from New Jersey, George Hotz, best known for being the first to crack Apple’s iOS iPhone to run homebrewed applications, is facing legal troubles after releasing a hack variation for Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming system.

At first believed to be un-crackable, programmers were finally able to crack the firmware of the four-year-old gaming console, allowing gamers to play pirated games, and to run homebrewed third party applications.

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Flickr Mistakenly Deletes/Undeletes User’s Account With 4,000 Photos

A long time Flickr user, Bindermichi (his blog post), got a big shock on February 1 when he tried to log in to his Flickr account, only to be asked to create a new account, even though he already had one, for over five years.

Flickr erroneously deleted the man’s account after he reported another Flickr user who was allegedly stealing photos from his stream.

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