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Apple appeals $625mn patent infringement ruling

Days ago, a Texas-based court by jury ruled in favor of the Mirror Worlds Company related to claims of patent infringement brought against Apple in September 2008.

The company brought suit against Apple for alleged infringement on three of its patents related to mobile digital document technologies, claiming multiple Apple products including the new iPhone and iPod touch devices, including the company’s Mac computers all infringed its patent holdings.

The patents relate to different ways of viewing and manipulating documents, more specifically, the company claims Apple’s popular coverflow system uses its proprietary technologies to render the documents.

The court ruled Apple did in fact infringe on each of the three patents, ruling the company to compensate Mirror Worlds Corporation for $208.5-million on each of the three infringed patents, or $625.5-million in total damages.

Apple is appealing the decision, and has requested a stay arguing outstanding issues related to at least two of the patents in question.

The appeals process is currently underway.

Mirror Worlds Corporation was founded by David Gelernter, and is also based in Texas, the same state the suit was brought against Apple.

The Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) is down just over 1.5-percent to $278 per share late in today’s trading session.

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Strict Apple controls prompt Adidas to pull iAd campaign

iadThe world’s second largest apparel company, Adidas, is set to exercise its option of abandoning an extensive advertising campaign on Apple’s new iAd advertising Internet network, worth as much as $12-million, according to a person familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision was not yet made public.

The decision comes as Apple failed to accept up to five different advertising campaigns the company had created for Apple to run primarily on websites designed for the iPhone.

Adidas subsequently pulled out of the agreement, following the time consuming and costly process of repeatedly creating different campaigns that never seemed to fully satisfy Apple executives.

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Google CEO says mobile ads to account for majority of revenue

google-buildingGoogle chief executive, Eric Schmidt, today made important comments about where he believes the majority of total revenue generated at his company would come from.

During the popular annual technology conference, TechCrunch Disrupt, in San Francisco today, Dr. Schmidt said that he believes “the majority of searches and the majority of revenue [would come from mobile devices],”

He cautioned that revenue generated from mobile advertising right now is not material (less than 5-percent of total revenue), despite exponential growth in mobile device use thanks to more advanced smartphones that offer a better browsing experience.

Online advertising generates about $24-billion in revenue for the company, which accounts for more than 90-percent of total revenue for Google.

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Apple rolls out new major Remote app upgrade for iPhone, iPad

apple-remoteApple has released its first major update of its Remote app, which allows users to control their iTunes and Apple TV directly from their iPhone, iPod, and iPad iOS powered devices in a sleek user interface with the help of their wireless home network.

The latest update brings many new features to the free app, which is available now on iTunes, such as new Retina high-resolution support, and a new interface for the iPad to better utilize the larger display.

Directly from an iOS device, a new feature called Home Sharing allows users stream songs and other media directly from their iTunes library to their home theater (or AirPlay speakers), with the complete media library being accessible from the iOS device.

Although the app allows users to start streaming media to their Apple TV, which could be a convenient feature, the app does not allow you to stream the media directly to your iOS device.

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Apple iPhone could come to Verizon in 2011 with new LTE network

Apple’s popular iPhone smartphone has been sold exclusively through the telecom AT&T in the U.S. since the very first generation of the device that launched about five years ago.

Five years later, the latest iPhone 4 is still only available on the AT&T network in the United States, but that could change as soon as next summer.

Apple has not built an iPhone that supports the CDMA network standard, the same standard used by the biggest telecom in the United States, Verizon.

Verizon chief executive Mr. Seidenberg told investors today that his company had no plans to launch Apple’s iPhone 4 in the near future, but expressed his favor of carrying the iPhone in the future.

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Apple acquisition hints facial recognition coming to iPhone

iphotoApple’s latest acquisition hints the company could integrate new facial recognition technologies in the Photos application found on iOS devices.

Apple has acquired the facial-recognition firm, Polar Rose, with the details of the acquisition being kept strictly confidential.

Polar Rose offers software developers access face detection technology that is compatible with various platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and even server-side applications. The company also developed software that allowed users to tag, detect, manage, and search for Facebook (including other social networks) friends in Flickr photos.

Polar Rose said in a written statement that as its software became more popular, corporations wanted to license the proprietary algorithms, hence the company now says it would entirely focus on licensing its proprietary software, as it is more profitable.

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Critical Adobe Flash hole gives hackers access to your computer

flashA serious flaw in popular Adobe software products, including the company’s popular Flash web platform, has been found that could easily allow a computer hacker to take control of a computer.

Adobe says the security hole is present in all Adobe Flash Player builds up to version, and affects Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris machines.

Additionally, the vulnerability is also present on the mobile Flash player found on the Google Android operating system.

The company warns the critical vulnerability could also suddenly crash your system, but most importantly, it could compromise important information on your machine, including banking information and your files stored on your computer as a hacker could gain complete control.

The company says its Acrobat and Reader software is not affected.

Adobe says it is in the process of working to release an updated version to patch the vulnerability by the end of September.

Apple Inc. chief executive Steve Jobs essentially banned the Flash platform in Apple iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, citing the platform was not as secure and not suited for mobile devices.

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Apple to end iPhone 4 bumper case program

Apple’s hugely successful next-generation iPhone 4 was a huge success (1.7-million units sold in first three-days) for the company given overwhelming demand for the product that propelled the iPhone to become the number one product launch for Apple.

However, the iPhone 4 did have one significant defect: antenna attenuation was caused if the device was held tightly (some would argue even lightly) from the bottom left corner of the phone.

Apple held a special press conference to address the defect following intensifying criticism, saying only a small percentage of devices was affected.

More specifically, Apple said less than 1-percent of all manufactured iPhone 4 devices had the defect, and only 0.55-percent of all the consumers who purchased the phone had directly called Apple Care about the issue. Additionally, the company said only 1.7-percent returned their iPhone 4 for a full refund, versus a 6-percent return rate for the iPhone 3GS model.

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Gartner forecasts Android to overtake RIM’s BlackBerry this year

The influential business IT market research and analysis firm, Gartner, published a report today about mobile cell phone sales, predicting Ontario’s Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of the popular enterprise centric smartphone, would lose its spot as the second largest phone maker this year.

Gartner noted intensifying competition from Google’s Android mobile operating system, and Apple’s iPhone.

Google Android is expected to edge RIM out of the second spot as more handsets are expected to ship with Google’s OS.

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Apple changes app store rules, to become more open and transparent

Apple has long been restrictive with what apps get approved in its iOS app store found on the iPhone and iPad.

Since 2008, when Apple firstly opened the doors to the App Store, the company has yet to publish a governing list of rules to help developers better understand on what grounds the company rejects or approves applications – until today: Apple said it would publish a list of governing policies to help developers better understand the approval process.

Apple previously decided to allow developers to only use the computer programming language Objective-C, including C++, effectively blocking other programming platforms like JavaScript, and Adobe’s hugely popular Flash platform.

In a recent blog post, Apple chief executive Mr. Jobs, expressed his views specifically about Flash, essentially claiming the proprietary Flash platform is dated and not suited for mobile devices, instead opting towards the open source HTML5 standard.

The direction of Apple not only initiated an anti-trust investigation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), but also forced Adobe to announce the company would cancel all plans to develop for the iPhone and iPad.

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