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Associated Press Google News partnership ends

The AP removed from Google News after licensing talks break down, more publications could end their Google partnerships

The search giant has confirmed that it would no longer publish news articles from The Associated Press, after what appears to be a breakdown in licensing talks.

Google first started indexing and using AP content from the first licensing agreement set in the summer of 2007.

The news comes as other content providers such as the Wall Street Journal have threatened to block Google from indexing, using, and providing their content.

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Google Chrome Mac gets Extensions support

Google recently released its Chrome browser for Mac OS X, but until now, users could not enjoy add-ons and extensions because they were not supported.

The latest development build (caution: this release might not be stable) of Chrome for Mac now includes support for Chrome extensions. Extensions are small and free apps that are made by third-party developers that add or enhance existing browser functionality. Extensions support was already available for the Windows version of Chrome. Other Mac browsers such as both Safari and Firefox already have a large list of available extensions.

There are few more enhancements in the latest build such as the ability to display your opened tabs only with their respective favicons only.

According to the latest data, Google Chrome is now the third most popular web browser, edging out Apple’s Safari browser. From CBC, the data indicates Microsoft’s Internet Explorer holds 63-percent market share, with Firefox second with only about 25-percent, followed by Google’s Chrome browser with a small yet significant 4.5-percent.

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Google to unveil Nexus One phone at Jan 5 press event

Update 1: Google has in fact unveiled the new Nexus One phone, and it is now available for purchase. The Nexus One product page is now also live on the Google website. Head over to Engadget who is blogging live from the Google press conference.

Google has announced an Android press event on January 5 at its Mountain View, CA headquarters, where the company will unveil the first mobile phone it would be selling to consumers directly, the Google Nexus One phone.

The phone will be offered through T-Mobile and will be priced at $530 unlocked, or for $180 with a two-year term that requires customers to add voice, text, and a data plan for a minimum of $79.99 per month.

The Nexus One will be powered by Android 2.1 with a 1GHz processor, and will include a 3.7-inch display (480x800px resolution), 512MB of ROM and 512MB of RAM, GPS, an accelerometer, a 5MP camera with LED flash, among other features.

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Top Business Tech Stories of 2009

We’ve seen a lot of things happen in 2009, some things were expected, some were not, some were shocking, and some were simply never seen or heard of before.

From the biggest Ponzi scheme ever seen in U.S. history, to the global financial credit crisis, to historic health care reform championed by the first black President of the United States.

A lot has happened in 2009, and we’ve compiled it all up for you with the top 8 topics of the entire year.

1. The Global Financial Crisis

With the near collapse of the global credit market, and unprecedented actions being taken by global leaders to stave off a global economic meltdown, the financial crisis was plastered in the media almost every day and even became a primary presidential voting issue, thereby making it the story of 2009. With billions provided in emergency bailout loans to financial intermediaries, Wall Street was still paying millions in bonuses with outstanding government loans, while millions of Americans faced forclosurer and high unemployment rates. The Obama administration later moved to block $165-million in AIG bonuses alone and later blocked bonuses from being paid while the financial intermediaries had outstanding government debt. Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway even reported its biggest loss ever (only its second loss in its history). There were also opportunities for firms to act on, such as Disney who acquired Marvel Entertainment for $4B. Despite households losing significant amounts of money primairly from their positions in risky equity positions, some did profit (though not for too long)…Bearnie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison following a conviction for operating the biggest Ponzi scheme ever seen in U.S. history that saw $50 billion defrauded from investors.

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Audi A8 GPS system getting revamped with Google Earth

Google has announced a new partnership with the German carmaker, Audi, which will see a very major improvement to the GPS navigation system in the latest Audi A8 luxury sedan.

Many people complain that stock GPS navigation systems are not very intuitive or advanced compared to newer standalone models. For example, the BMW M5, as amazing as it is, you can’t even turn off the directional voice prompts.

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Google releases Chrome browser for Mac

Last fall, Google released for the first time its new Google Chrome browser. Today, the company has finally released Google Chrome for Mac. The browser has been built from the ground up and is deeply integrated with Mac OS X, including with KeyChain and Spelling integration. Check out the video below for complete details.

Download Google Chrome Mac

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Google news providers can now limit free content

The world’s most popular online search engine, Google, today announced new changes for news content providers to limit the amount of news they provide free of charge.

The company introduced “First Click Free”, a new algorithm that can optionally limit each user to only 5 clicks per day for content from premium providers. On the 6th click, you will be taken to a subscription registration page.

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Google unveils Chrome OS with source code, expects to launch it in one year

Google hopes to launch its Chrome OS to power new netbooks by next year, saving all content directly to the cloud

Google has just unvield its Chrome OS that it hopes will be powering netbooks by 2010.

The Chrome OS will actually operate entirely in the cloud. It will not store any data locally on the
machine. The machine bypasses the bootloader and immediately launches the browser. The idea is, you should be able to acess your data anywhere and anytime.

Google vice president of product management Sundar Pichai said yesterday during the unveiling that, “If I lose my Chrome machine, I should be able to go out, buy a new [machine] and re-create my previous computing experience easily.”

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YouTube to add 1080p high definition support

YouTube has announced via a blog posting that it will start supporting the 1080p high definition format.

The company says if you have already uploaded videos in 1080p, they will be converted automatically in the coming days.

The highly requested feature will fully launch by the end of next week.

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WSJ to block Google indexing, wants paid content

Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, sat down with Sky News today to discuss how people should access internet news content.

Murdoch, who owns the WSJ.com, argues that people should have to pay some sort of marginal premium to access the content. He argues that people should have never had access to this content free of charge to begin with.

What he’s considering now is to end the partnership between Google and the WSJ, where Google would no longer be able to index WSJ.com content. That means the WSJ feed would not only disappear from Google News, but from the entire Google search.

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