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Microsoft Q3 earnings top Wall Street, new Apple attack ads

The world’s largest computer software-maker, Microsoft Inc., today announced Q3 2009 (ending Sept 30) earnings, easily beating Wall Street expectations and sending the Microsoft stock (MSFT) surging up almost 6-percent in mid-day trading.

Microsoft recorded total sales as $12.9 billion (down 14-percent from the same period last year), but still topped analyst expectations.

Microsoft posted $3.6 billion ($0.40 per share) in profits, an 18-percent decrease compared to the same period in 2008.

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iPhone MMS to launch two weeks early

AT&T was previously scheduled to roll out MMS functionality for AT&T customers in the United States by September 25 as reported, but it now seems the feature is being rolled out early and it is actually already working for many customers.

Some users were previously able to use MMS during the iPhone 3.1 OS beta for a short time, but the service now seems to be rolling out to the masses a couple of weeks early.

AT&T previously noted bandwidth concerns over the main reason for disabling the feature.

It is unclear where the feature is firstly being enabled; we are unable to confirm that the feature is working but others are claiming the service works perfectly fine – either way, the feature will be rolled out by September 25.

The early roll-out could simply be temporary or a limited release while AT&T tests the feature.

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Apple to launch iPhone in China

China’s second largest carrier China Unicom has announced today that it has struck a multi-year agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone 3G S to China.

China Unicom currently has about 140 million subscribers, with about 690 million mobile phone users in all of China.

Not much was disclosed today, except the fact that the iPhone will become available sometime in the forth quarter of 2009. Neither revenue sharing nor pricing details were disclosed.

Reports indicate as part of the deal, China Unicom would

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Report: Apple could sell 2M tablets at $600 each in the first year

The market research firm Piper Jaffray, has released a new report on Apple’s unconfirmed tablet/UMPC/netbook like device.

The report predicts the product would launch in 2010, and that Apple would sell about 2 million units by the end of the first year of its launch, generating $1.2 billion in revenue for Apple, or about 3-percent of total revenue in 2010. The product and hence the direct forward earnings are currently not considered in the Apple stock price right now.

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Apple posts strong Q3 profits

NPD Research has released new computer June sales numbers indicating Apple holds 91% of the total revenue generated for computers costing at least $1,000.

According to NPD, in June, average selling prices for all PCs sold at US retail was $701, or $690 for desktops and $703 for notebooks. But the ASPs get more interesting when comparing Macs to Windows PCs. For all Windows PCs, ASP was $515 in June. For Macs: $1,400. Desktop Windows PC ASP: $489. Mac desktops: $1,398. Windows notebook ASP was $520, or $569 when removing all those nasty, margin-sucking netbooks. Mac laptops: $1,400. (via)

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New Apple patent applications revealed

Various Apple patent applications have been published today from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, indicating the Cupertino-based company is trying to win various patents including relating to facial recognition, voice, and messaging, among other areas.

The Facial Recognition patent application relates to technologies that determine if a computer user is passively working with the computer. Apple notes current computer systems cannot determine if a user is actively looking at the screen. For example, you could be reading a long article or simply doing something else when the operating system turns on the screen savor. With the new Apple technology, the software via the iSight camera would know a user is presently looking at the screen, preventing it from executing certain actions.

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iPhone OS 3.1 available to developers, new features

Apple has just started to seed the iPhone OS 3.1 Beta to developers on the iPhone Dev Center website. Apple has not disclosed information relating to new features with the update yet. Users who have already installed the update have told us about a few new features they’ve already noticed.

For example, new in iPhone OS 3.1, users can now shorten video clips and save the changes as a new video file instead of overriding the original video file.

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iPhone OS 3.0 now available for everyone

Apple today released the new iPhone OS 3.0 for everyone to download, as promised at WWDC last week. Check out our complete iPhone OS 3.0 and WWDC roundup for complete details and features of the new OS. To download the new iPhone OS 3.0, simply follow these simple instructions.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer

2. Launch iTunes, and highlight your iPhone in the left pain

3. Click on “Check for Update” in the iPhone Summary pain

4. Hit Download & Install

5, That’s it!

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Another update coming to OS X 10.5 before Snow Leopard

We can confirm that Apple has begun seeding OS X 10.5.8 9L14 to developers, indicating there will be yet another update before the launch of Snow Lepard 10.6. This should be the final update to OS X 10.5. The update includes fixes for Spotlight, iDisk, iCal, Networking, Bluetooth, AirPort, among many other fixes.

This will be the final update to OS X 10.5. The update will be free for all Leopard users. The update includes fixes for Spotlight, iDisk, iCal, Networking, Bluetooth, AirPort, among many other fixes. We’ll be updating this post once we compile a more comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

To get this update once its available, simply click on the top left Apple icon > About This Mac > Software Update…

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App Wall gets Photosynthed

At the Apple WWDC conference, Apple put up 20 large 30-inch LCD displays, showcasing the icons of 20,000 of the most popular apps found on the App Store today. Every time that someone downloads an app, its icon bounces up and down. Andreas Douglas and Greg Pascale who were at the conference decided to take some pictures and put them all into PhotoSynth. Check it out, it turned out very nicely. The photos were taken with an iPhone. A reminder, to check it out, you will need to have the Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed (about 18MB).

If your not sure what Photosynth (see our first coverage) is, the app lets you upload multiple photos and then it creates one cinematic panorama 3D 360 degree view. Photosynth analyzes each photo and uses the

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