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A chronological video look at Google

Google has been around for just over a decade, and truly has revolutionized the way people work and play over a relatively short time span. The company has compiled a quick video documenting its accomplishments chronologically from the early days when the founders, Larry & Sergey first met, to the present day Google. For more complete information, you can also check its history time-line.

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Google to release free GPS turn-by-turn navigation app, TomTom/Garmin stock plummets

The search giant unveiled its free mobile GPS turn-by-turn directions app, sending stocks of traditional GPS-makers plummeting

Well, we knew Google would do this sooner or later. The company has announced it would begin to offer free GPS turn-by-turn navigation with its new and free Google Maps Navigation application.

The application will be initially available only in the United States and with support for devices running Android 2.0 or higher (see the second embedded video below to learn more about Android 2.0).

Google Maps Navigation supports voice search, satellite view, 3D view, traffic information, automatic rerouting, among many other features you would find on premium GPS devices.

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Google Voice voicemails are accidentally being indexed

Privacy concerns are being raised over the search giant accidentally making private voicemails available publically from its popular Google Voice service

A technical error in the Google algorithm is indexing private voicemail recordings from Google Voice and making them available to the public.

If you currently search “site:https://www.google.com/voice/fm/*” in Google, it will return various voicemails, some dated as far back as many months ago, to even only hours ago.

As of right now, if you perform the search string noted above, the voicemails are still available publically with transcription.

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Microsoft unveils visual search for Bing

Microsoft today just unveiled its new visual search engine feature for Bing at the TechCrunch50 technology conference.

The new visual search lets you search for items that you might not necessarily know what its name is. The search results present a grid of images to you, where you can subsequently narrow your results with criteria based on your search.

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Google Voice now let’s you send receive SMS via email

Google today added a new feature to its Google Voice service that allows you to forward SMS messages to an email account, and even reply (with threaded SMS) directly by simply replying to the email.

Google Voice now lets you combine your SMS messages with your voicemail notifications with your other emails in your inbox.

To get the feature, you simply have to turn it on in the settings panel of Google Voice.

Google Voice is still pending approval by Apple to get the app working on the iPhone after a federal inquiry by the FCC.

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Google adds left pane to image search

Google has just introduced a new left column pane to its images search to better allow you to refine your searches.

These option were previously hidden in the advanced search page, but have now been pushed out to the main search page.

The move comes as competition is set to intensify in the online search engine space with the biggest rivals, Microsoft and Yahoo announcing a joint partnership to take on Google.

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Google exec says Android going social

Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin gave some insight as to where Android is heading to during yesterday’s joint T-Mobile Google media event in San Francisco.

He said “Social is a big push for now,” saying how Android would become a much more social platform. He said soon Android would be able to display photos of incoming callers, and even the latest Twitter and Facebook update from that contact (why you would want to see the latest Facebook update on the incoming call screen?).

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23 Useful map mashups

Many people use Google Maps and other mapping sites to simply look for local business information. However, many developers have leveraged the APIs of thesse sites such as the Google Maps API to create highly useful mashups. Here, we present a list of 23 of the most useful mashups we’ve come across. We hope you find them useful. Did we miss one you think should be on here? Drop a comment and we just might add it.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Search for commercial and real estate property based on various criteria such as price etc

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Hohm: Microsoft’s answer to Google PowerMeter

The world’s largest software-maker, Microsoft Corp., has launched Hohm, an online web-based service that lets consumers monitor their home energy consumption and rates in real-time and get related energy information.

Users who do not power their homes with a supported company can still use the service to get information about estimated total monthly energy costs for their homes, a breakdown of cost allocation, followed by a recommendations report, by simply answering a series of questions.

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T-Mobile announces second Android phone, comes with Geodelic location app

T-Mobile today confirmed the company will offer its second Google Android powered handset, the myTouch 3G (the HTC Magic). T-Mobile will begin to take pre-orders starting July 8, the device should be available in stores by early August. The company did not offer a firm availability date. The myTouch 3G will be priced at $199 with a new two-year term.

The device offers a 3.2MP camera, 3.2-inch display, WiFi, 4GB preinstalled memory, out of the box support for Google apps such as Google Maps, Picassa, YouTube, among other apps from Google.

The myTouch 3G will also come pre-installed with a new app from Geodelic that helps you find information

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