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Report: Apple could sell 2M tablets at $600 each in the first year

The market research firm Piper Jaffray, has released a new report on Apple’s unconfirmed tablet/UMPC/netbook like device.

The report predicts the product would launch in 2010, and that Apple would sell about 2 million units by the end of the first year of its launch, generating $1.2 billion in revenue for Apple, or about 3-percent of total revenue in 2010. The product and hence the direct forward earnings are currently not considered in the Apple stock price right now.

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Palm Pre Canadian launch date confirmed

The wait is almost over for Canadians looking at picking up Palm’s much-anticipated Palm Pre smartphone.

The phone will launch on Thursday, August 27, 2009 and will cost $199.95 with a 3-year contract, or $599.95 without a term. A 500MB minimum monthly data plan will be required with your purchase.

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Google exec says Android going social

Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin gave some insight as to where Android is heading to during yesterday’s joint T-Mobile Google media event in San Francisco.

He said “Social is a big push for now,” saying how Android would become a much more social platform. He said soon Android would be able to display photos of incoming callers, and even the latest Twitter and Facebook update from that contact (why you would want to see the latest Facebook update on the incoming call screen?).

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WordPress BlackBerry app released

We firstly reported that Automattic, the company behind the blogging platform WorldPress, would release a mobile BlackBerry version of WordPress.

Today, the company has announced the release of the first ever version of a mobile BlackBerry version of the app in beta form. Other mobile versions of WP were already available on other platforms such as the iPhone since July 22, 2008.

The BB WP app requires BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or newer, and also requires WordPress version 2.5.1 or newer. It also supports self-hosted WordPress sites.

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Sony to add phone functionality to PSP

According to a new Nikkei report, Sony is planning to add cell phone functionality to its mobile gaming device the PSP (PlayStation Portable).

The strategic move comes from intensifying competition from the iPhone that is being pushed more and more as a gaming device.

In fact, companies such as Capcom who have traditionally developed console platform games have announced they would also release select versions for the iPhone platform.

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T-Mobile announces second Android phone, comes with Geodelic location app

T-Mobile today confirmed the company will offer its second Google Android powered handset, the myTouch 3G (the HTC Magic). T-Mobile will begin to take pre-orders starting July 8, the device should be available in stores by early August. The company did not offer a firm availability date. The myTouch 3G will be priced at $199 with a new two-year term.

The device offers a 3.2MP camera, 3.2-inch display, WiFi, 4GB preinstalled memory, out of the box support for Google apps such as Google Maps, Picassa, YouTube, among other apps from Google.

The myTouch 3G will also come pre-installed with a new app from Geodelic that helps you find information

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More new iPhone hints, Best Buy warns of depleting iPhone inventory

The top Minnesota-based electronics retailer BestBuy today sent a memo out to various stores in the U.S. warning them of depleting iPhone 3G supplies.

BestBuy warned some stores could completely deplete their stock entirely.

The new BestBuy warning indicates retailers are pushing to sell off the current iPhone models to make way for the much-anticipated next-generation iPhone.

BestBuy is not the first retailer to issue a warning on depleting iPhone inventory.

Australian-based Vodafone iPhone distributor Brightpoint previously said, “We have just been notified that the [16GB iPhone 3G is] End Of Life,” referring to depleting inventory as well.

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Nokia answers Apple’s App Store with Ovi Store

Nokia firstly announced the Nokia Ovi Store merely a few months ago at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Nokia Ovi store is simply an online store where people can purchase applications, themes, ringtones, among other content, for their Symbian-powered handset. Free applications can also be found, such as the Bloomberg news app.

The Ovi Store has just launched in Singapore, Australia, with more countries to be added over the next day.

Right now, S40 and S60 Symbian powered devices are supported, with support for additional Nokia phones to be added.

The Ovi Store icon will come standard on newer Nokia phones such as the much-anticipated N97 that will be released June 2009.

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Yahoo goes all iPhone, ceases BlackBerry development

Update: Yahoo will NOT cease BlackBerry (and other mobile platform development). Yahoo! remains committed to improving Yahoo! Mobile for web and their existing cross-platform applications, as well as developing new and engaging experiences for consumers across various devices and platforms, including RIM, Apple, Widows Mobile, Nokia and more.

Yahoo will completely stop (now confirmed) developing its mobile application for the BlackBerry platform to focus its efforts solely towards the iPhone.

According to developer job applicants for Yahoo’s Mobile BlackBerry team, the applicants
received a reply from Yahoo that read, “Yahoo has decided to cease development [on the BlackBerry platform]”

Yahoo will now only continue to build the exclusive app for the iPhone, and simply continue to maintain the existing mobile browser based site. The company aims at bringing the app experiences straight to the mobile browser (remains to be seen). Yahoo Mobile chief executive Adam Taggart previously said “you can always do more with an app on your phone,” but maintained the company remains committed to both apps and the browser.

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Google Android phone coming to Canada

Update: To launch June 2nd 2009 on the Rogers network.

Rogers Communications, the cable and telecom giant, has announced it will finally release a Google Android powered phone in Canada. The company confirmed today it will be launching both the HTC Magic and HTC Dream powered by the open-source Google Android OS.

Rogers senior vice president John Boynton said in a statement, “Both devices [the HTC Dream and HTC Magic] offer outstanding wireless Internet search capabilities and a full suite of applications,”

Bell Canada, also announced earlier in the week the company would be the exclusive carrier to offer the new Palm Pre in Canada.

Both companies failed to disclose details on pricing and availability, but we are working on our source.

Google has publicly criticized Rogers Communications in the past for not offering unlimited mobile Internet data. Google has also voiced concern over Rogers Wireless complete GSM monopoly in Canada.

In related Rogers news, according to an internal source, the company in June will start to charge customers for incoming text messages, unless subscribed to a basic SMS plan. The source familiar with the matter spoke on condition of anonymity citing details have yet to be made public. Telus already has been doing this for months. The moves highlight that few control the oligopolistic telecom market in Canada, and in this case, a monopoly over the GSM networks.

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