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AT&T to Acquire T-Mobile for $39bn, In a Stock and Cash Deal

at&tAbout one hour ago, AT&T announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire T-Mobile for $39-billion in a cash and stock deal.

Under the terms of the deal, AT&T will pay $25-billion in cash, and the remaining $14-billion in stock to T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom.

The $14-billion worth in AT&T equity will give Deutsche Telekom about 8-percent ownership in AT&T.

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IBM acquires AT&T Sterling Commerce in $1.4bn cash deal

International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, has finalized a deal to purchase the business software unit, Sterling Commerce, from AT&T in an all cash deal valued at $1.4-billion.

The unit develops B2B software that makes communication between businesses more efficient by automating redundant tasks such as refilling inventory orders from suppliers, among other automated tasks businesses can customize to their needs, even through cross channels.

According to AT&T, the unit has 18,000 global customers, with more than 1-billion interactions on an annual basis across various sectors including manufacturing, retail and financial services.

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iPhone MMS to launch two weeks early

AT&T was previously scheduled to roll out MMS functionality for AT&T customers in the United States by September 25 as reported, but it now seems the feature is being rolled out early and it is actually already working for many customers.

Some users were previously able to use MMS during the iPhone 3.1 OS beta for a short time, but the service now seems to be rolling out to the masses a couple of weeks early.

AT&T previously noted bandwidth concerns over the main reason for disabling the feature.

It is unclear where the feature is firstly being enabled; we are unable to confirm that the feature is working but others are claiming the service works perfectly fine – either way, the feature will be rolled out by September 25.

The early roll-out could simply be temporary or a limited release while AT&T tests the feature.

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First GPS iPhone app, AT&T Navigator

Yesterday we thought the first iPhone GPS turn-by-turn app to become available would be the MobileNavigator from Navigon.

Today, AT&T released its Navigator app, becoming the first full featured voice-prompted turn-by-turn GPS navigation app to become available on the new iPhone in North America.

The AT&T Navigator app offers voice-guided turn-by-turn notifications, 3D maps, automatic rerouting, POIs, local search, current speed, estimated time to arrival, search for lowest gas prices, search results also tell you how far they currently are, among other features.

The app is a free download, but requires a constant monthly fee of $9.95. The subscription also includes app and new map updates.

The app is now available on iTunes.

AT&T Navigator is built by Sunnyvalue, California-based TeleNav.

The AT&T Navigator seems like a good alternative, and a good option for anyone looking for a GPS solution who wants to use the service for say one month and only pay that small amount.

One of the biggest drawbacks of AT&T Navigator, compared to the other GPS iPhone apps such as the one from Navigon and the upcoming one from TomTom, is that the apps are downloaded in real-time on the AT&T app, meaning if you don’t have cellular coverage in an area, it simply won’t work. So, maybe the other higher priced GPS apps are more worth while, and even more cost-effective in the longer run.

It remains to be seen when TomTom will release their confirmed iPhone app.

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Apple WWDC 09 iPhone 3, OS X Snow Leopard, Macbook Roundup

– iPhone 3G S confirmed to run on an ARM 600MHz processor (double from before)
– Apple is offering a $30 MobileMe discount with the purchase of a new iPhone 3G S

Apple WWDC 2009 was filled with new announcements, and we’ve got everything you need to know right here. Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 3G S, OS X Snow Leopard, and the upgrades to the MacBook Air and Pro lines. We’ve got it all. Let’s start with the new iPhone 3G S.

We previously reported on the credible rumors of the new expected features (see our round up), but now, we got confirmation and a look at previously announced features such as:

Movie Purchase and Rentals from iTunes
Users will now be able to create a new iTunes account directly from their iPhone or touch, and can purchase or rent various TV shows, audiobooks, among other media content via iTunes U. However, it seems that files that are larger than 10MB will be restricted to WiFi downloading only.

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Microsoft Pink=iPhone Killer? iPhone headed to Verizon? iPhone Mini?

According to a WSJ report, Microsoft is developing a new Microsoft branded phone dubbed “Pink”, that will likely be powered by Windows Mobile 7, coupled with Zune, Marketplace, and My Phone services, among other services developed by the MS Danger team.

The device will exclusively support the features above; the features will not be available for licensing for other vendors who power their devices with Windows Mobile.

The report also indicates Microsoft is in talks with Verizon to launch the device exclusively in the U.S.

There is currently no other information relating to a possible release, pricing, features, or even what the device will look like.

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