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Boeing further delays Dreamliner delivery to end of 2010

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Chicago-based Boeing Corp has just announced a revised schedule that will further delay the 787 Dreamliner delivery date to near the end of 2010.

Boeing is using the additional time to fine-tune the design of the aircraft, more specifically a structural design flaw with the sides of the fuselage. Boeing will also use the extra time for additional test flights to ensure the safety of the aircraft.

As of right now, Boeing currently has 850 orders from 56 customers worldwide who have contracts in place to buy the Dreamliner.

One of the first customers that are scheduled to receive the new Dreamliner, All Nippon Airways of

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Bombardier announces 3,000 aerospace job cuts, but still hiring

Montreal-based airplane and rail maker Bombardier has announced it will cut 3,000 (10% of its total worldwide headcount). jobs from its aerospace division. The jobs cuts will affect workers in Toronto, Montreal, Mexico, Ireland, and the U.S.

Bombardier sales of airplanes have fallen significantly given lower demand as a result of the global financial crisis. Bombardier reported it delivered 349 planes last fiscal year, down from 361 delivered planes the year before.

Bombardier CEO Pierre Beaudoin said today, “We believe we are well positioned to face this difficult economic environment with a strong balance sheet, high level of liquidity,”

Despite the new job cuts, Bombardier is still actively hiring for other aircraft divisions such as the CSeries division.

More recently, Bombardier’s biggest competitor Boeing announced 10,000 job cuts. Competitor Cessna Aircraft also recently announced 2,000 more job cuts.

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Boeing to Cut 10,000 Jobs, Q4 Revenue Down $4.8B

boeing Boeing to Cut 10,000 Jobs, Q4 Revenue Down $4.8BBoeing CEO Jim McNerney has announced the company will cut 10,000 jobs in 2009. This number includes the latest 4,500 job cuts previously announced. McNerney said, “the global economy continues to weaken, and it’s affecting air traffic and financing,” hence the job cuts as Boeing tries to position itself during this tuff economic time. Boeing also just announced Q4 revenues declined to $12.7 billion from $17.5 billion as labor strike pushed airplane deliveries out of the quarter. Competitor Airbus sees a 60% drop in new airplane sales for 2009.

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Boeing to Cut 4,500 Jobs, Hard Times Ahead

Boeing has announced it will cut 4,500 jobs from its commercial unit by the end of 2009. The job cuts will bring the Boeing headcount down to 63,500. Boeing CEO Scott Carson said “acting now will allow us to be in a financial position to adapt to market uncertainties, meet our customer commitments, continue investing in our current and future product lines, and protect our competitiveness in a fiercely competitive business,” Boeing faces declining demand and increased competition. In 2008, Boeing produced 375 airplanes, and made 441 airplanes in 2007. Boeing shares were slightly down.

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Boeing to Cut 800 Jobs at Kansas Plant

The plane maker, Boeing, has announced it will cut 800 jobs at its Wichita, Kansas plant starting immediately and throughout 2009. Boeing cited the job cuts are a result of the suspension of projects at Boeing and delays in the U.S. Air Force tanker replacement program. “Our goal is to place more work in Wichita, but while we seek new business, it is vital for the future health of Boeing Wichita that we address our current business realities,” said Strode who is Vice President and General Manager of Boeing Wichita. The Boeing stock has decreased significantly over the last year. In Dec 07, it was trading about $90 per share, and today it closed at $37.48 per share.

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