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Dell to replace BlackBerry corporate phones with Android, Windows Phone 7

The computer tech giant, Dell Corporation, will be abandoning RIM’s BlackBerry smartphone platform, in favor of its own smartphones that are powered by Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system, and Google’s Android mobile OS.

The company will start by replacing 25,000 BlackBerry smartphones with the company’s own Venture Pro smartphone, the company’s latest Windows Phone 7 device. Dell will later give employees the option of using smartphones powered by Google Android.

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3PAR accepts Dell’s $1.6B takeover offer, urges stockholders to accept

Update: HP Corp. has made a higher offer for 3PAR this evening, beating out the latest offer of $24.30 per share ($1.6-billion valuation)  from Dell. HP is offering $27 per share in an all cash deal, valuing 3PAR at $1.8-billion. HP says it has the capital to make the acquisition and it has already been approved by the board.

3Par Corporation has announced today they have agreed to Dell’s increased bid to acquire the company for $24.30 per share, valuing the acquisition price at $1.6-billion, net of cash.

The 3Par stock (NYSE:PAR) has traditionally traded with low variability, until August 16 when the price jumped from under $10 per share to $18 per share, and only five days later propelling up to $26 per share as a takeover agreement was imminent and the acquisition offers were considered fair going forward.

Under the tender offer deal, there is still a small likelihood that the acquisition could still fall through, as Dell has options to forego the acquisition, but the company would have to pay a $72-million termination fee as per the amended acquisition agreement that reflects the new bid price.

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Michael Dell pays $4mn SEC fine following disclosure probe

According to new SEC published report, the computer giant Dell Inc. has agreed to pay a $100-million fine to the commission following five years of litigation relating to a fraud case involving the company and its top executives.

The SEC alleged the company failed to disclose its relationship with Intel Corporation, who was providing huge payments to Dell in exchange for exclusively using Intel microprocessors in Dell products.

The issue was that the payments that were made by Intel were material over several fiscal quarters hence distorted true operational earnings that ultimately mislead investors into believing that the company was more profitable than it really was.

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Dell earning $6.5M from Twitter presence

Dell today has released new numbers relating to sales generated from online social media.

The company said today that it has generated $6.5 million in sales as a direct result from being on Twitter. The company says sales from Twitter have tripped from the last report.

Dell currently has 1.469 million followers on its @delloutlet Twitter account.

With companies such as Dell generating all of this revenue, the question remains how will Twitter generate revenue with basically no business model at this time.

Twitter is expected to monetize the service by adding premium features to accounts for a small price tag. No other information is really being disclosed right now as to availability and possible other features.

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Dell Q2 2009 profits down 23% thanks to slumping business sales

Dell founder and CEO, Michael Dell

Dell founder and CEO, Michael Dell

Dell (DELL) just released its quarterly financial earnings today minutes before the closing bell in regular day trading, helping to rally the stock up 6 points as the company beat out Wall Street expectations.

Dell said revenue was down almost 23-percent to $12.8 billion (Wall Street expected $12.6 billion).

Dell reported Q2 2009 profit as $472 million ($0.24 per share).

The profits are down significantly compared to last year in the same period, when Dell reported profits of $616 million ($0.31 per share).

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North Carolina House passes tax breaks for $1B Apple investment

Apple Computers has showed interest in building a massive $1 billion data center in North Carolina.

Today, the North Carolina House voted in favor (81 to 31) of a bill that would grant up to $46 million to Apple in tax breaks over the next ten years.

The bill includes various provisions for Apple to get the breaks. Apple would have to provide health insurance, give up other state benefits, and would have to build the facility in one of the poorest counties. Additionally, Apple would have to also reach its $1 billion investment within nine years.

North Carolina in the past has changed existing laws to provide cash incentives to companies making significant investments.

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