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Online subscription-based music provider Spotify readying U.S. launch, threatens iTunes

spotify-foundersSpotify is a relatively new and very comprehensive online music store that is readying it’s launch in the United States.

Apple’s iTunes music store is the largest online music library in the world and has the most users, but with Spotify’s more comprehensive feature list and more affordable pricing, it could just be the first real substitute to contest Apple.

With Spotify, you get more control with your music files compared to iTunes, as the service allows you to copy and listen to your music files on any compatible portable device, including your BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod, Google Android phone, among other portable devices. And it doesn’t stop there; you could also upload music to the cloud and listen to the tracks from any Internet connected computer.

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Apple clears 10-billionth iTunes song download mark

The California-based computer maker, Apple Computers, just revealed that the 10-billionth song from its popular music download service, iTunes, has been reached.

Apple, the maker of the iPhone and iPod, firstly launched iTunes seven years ago back in 2003. Today, iTunes has grown to become the world’s largest online media store, allowing consumers to purchase TV program episodes, podcasts, movies, and of course, music.

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Top Mac inspired icons

We’ve compiled a list of over 30 of some of the best Apple inspired free icon sets (including free for commercial use) that are currently available. We’ll keep this simple, just click on the preview to go to the official icon set page, or where available, simply click the Download link found below the previews for quicker download.

You’ll also find other wonderful icon sets at some of the links, so be sure to look around. If we’ve missed an icon set that you think should be included, just drop a comment and we might just add it. Remember to let us know what you think and which ones ones you like best. Enjoy!


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BlackBerry Desktop Manager Mac released, BIS upgraded to 2.8

RIM updates BIS to 2.8, finally launches Desktop Manager for Mac, but has unresolved contact sync issues

Update: The syncing issues seem to be all resolved in the latest release.

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM), has just released its much anticipated BlackBerry Desktop Manager software for Mac users.

Desktop Manager for Mac allows users to sync their contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks, manage applications on their device, and now it also allows Mac users to install the BlackBerry operating system (previously the process could only be done with a PC). You can also sync your iTunes playlist with your BlackBerry.

If you have Pocket Sync Manager installed, it will no longer work if you install Desktop Manager, unless you uninstall Desktop Manager again.

Trying out the program myself, I was able to successfully uninstall an app, but as of right now, my contacts have disappeared from my BlackBerry following an unsuccessful sync.

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Yahoo releases Flickr iPhone app, Finance BlackBerry app

Yahoo today released two new important mobile apps, a native Flickr iPhone app (iTunes) along with a Yahoo Finance BlackBerry application.

The Flickr iPhone app is now the best way to upload, manage, and share your photos on Flickr via the iPhone. You can seamlessly upload photos and add information to photos such as descriptions and tags. You can also view and comment on photos from other users.

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Skype 2.8 Mac released with screen sharing, Skype Access

Skype has just released the fairly much-anticipated Skype 2.8 update for Mac. The update includes new features such as screen sharing and Skype Access support. You can download Skype 2.8 and get the complete details over at Skype 2.8 page. You can also check out a preview of Skype 2.8 in action in the video below.

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iPhone OS 3.1 available to developers, new features

Apple has just started to seed the iPhone OS 3.1 Beta to developers on the iPhone Dev Center website. Apple has not disclosed information relating to new features with the update yet. Users who have already installed the update have told us about a few new features they’ve already noticed.

For example, new in iPhone OS 3.1, users can now shorten video clips and save the changes as a new video file instead of overriding the original video file.

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Search your Mac, the Web & update Twitter status with Google Quick Search Box

Google has just released a new Mac search application dubbed Quick Search Box that will allow you to easily search your Mac and the web from the app. It is essentially like using Spotlight to search for local files, but now you can easily search the web and local files from one text-box.

Google notes Quick Search Box is different from Google Desktop in that Google Desktop doesn’t support the ability to actually launch applications.

With Quick Search Box, you can also update your Twitter status straight from the text-box after you have set up your twitter account details. Quick Search Box does not have the ability to search through Tweets, or do much else with Twitter except let you update your status.

Google firstly announced Quick Search Box back in January.

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RIM updates Facebook 1.5 to fix important bugs

Released a few days ago, RIM’s much-anticipated Facebook 1.5 upgrade has been updated again to version 1.5.032 by RIM to address bugs. The new Facebook app syncs your Facebook contacts with your BlackBerry address book, and can also sync your Facebook events with your BlackBerry calendar. You can now easily contact your Facebook friends via the app with SMS, and by calling them.

However, there were some issues with the software, for example the contact sync feature would send phone number requests to those already synced with numbers. The calendar sync feature seemed to remove entries on your BlackBerry calendar. The issues have now been fixed in a new update, so if got excited like I did and rushed out to upgrade when it first became available, you might want to upgrade again. You can get the new version by visiting http://mobile.blackberry.com on your BlackBerry web browser.

This version does not include support for Facebook Chat. There is widespread speculation RIM will release support for Facebook Chat in an upcoming release via another update to the Facebook app, or even via a standalone application such as the Gtalk and Windows Live Messenger apps already available. Now, if you really want Facebook Chat support on your BlackBerry, you can get it for free from Palringo IM for BlackBerry which also supports other IM platforms. However, one big drawback from the Palringo app is it constantly sends and receives data, so it will adversely affect battery life, as it doesn’t use the RIM push APIs.

Check out the cnet video below that does an excellent walkthrough of the new Facebook 1.5.

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