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Flickr Mistakenly Deletes/Undeletes User’s Account With 4,000 Photos

A long time Flickr user, Bindermichi (his blog post), got a big shock on February 1 when he tried to log in to his Flickr account, only to be asked to create a new account, even though he already had one, for over five years.

Flickr erroneously deleted the man’s account after he reported another Flickr user who was allegedly stealing photos from his stream.

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Yahoo releases Flickr iPhone app, Finance BlackBerry app

Yahoo today released two new important mobile apps, a native Flickr iPhone app (iTunes) along with a Yahoo Finance BlackBerry application.

The Flickr iPhone app is now the best way to upload, manage, and share your photos on Flickr via the iPhone. You can seamlessly upload photos and add information to photos such as descriptions and tags. You can also view and comment on photos from other users.

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Flickr shows nearby photos based on location

Flickr has just updated its mobile client to show you nearby photos based on your GPS location.

The web-based app can now present you geo-tagged photos within a certain radius of your GPS location. As you move around a city, you’ll have to manually refresh the site to see updated photos in your location.

The mobile app is not as in-depth as the PC browser version in terms of features. The PC version map is more interactive as it lets you base your search on the distance from the center point, the time the photo was taken, or by “interestingness”. Also, you can’t toggle the map between Satellite, Map and Hybrid modes on the mobile version, for that, you’ll need to download Google Maps or another mobile mapping application such as the new MapQuest for iPhone.

The app could be useful if you are near landmarks or a recent past event.

Currently, the feature only works on the iPhone (requires OS 3.0) and Android powered devices.

The new feature is web-based and does not require you to install any app. You can access it from http://m.flickr.com by clicking the “Photos taken nearby” link. Unfortunately, the feature requires you to be logged into Flickr to use it.

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Flickr Video Opened to Everyone, HD Added

flickrFlickr has announced it has opened up Flickr Video uploading to all members, and not only premium paid members anymore. Videos are still capped at 90 seconds. As an added incentive for premium users, they can upload HD videos, which can be viewed by anyone. Any Flickr member can also submit his or her own content to the Flickr Clock which effectively lets anyone view chronologically what is going on around the world in different times with pictures and videos. You can also check out the Flickr Map which lets you find geo-tagged photos and videos.

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