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Mac App Store Hits 1M Downloads In One Day

The $300-billion Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple, has announced that more than 1-million applications have been downloaded by Mac users from the company’s just launched Mac App Store.

The Mac App Store currently has over 1,000 applications in its index, including both premium paid and free applications.

It is only available for users running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher. Other Mac OS X versions, such as the upcoming 10.7 Lion will also be supported.

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RIM updates BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac, brings iTunes integration

blackberry-desktop-macThe Waterloo-based mobile tech giant, Research In Motion (RIM), just released an updated version of its BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac computers.

The latest version 2.0 of the software brings features to the Mac platform that were already previously available in RIM’s Windows version of the software.

One of the most notable new features in the application is the ability to sync media over a WiFi network.

Additionally, users can now easily sync media through iTunes, and even from their iPhone to their BlackBerry smartphone by simply right clicking on a playlist and choosing their BlackBerry smartphone from the menu list, or by simply dragging and dropping files or playlists.

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Currency Differences Prompt Apple to Lower International Mac Mini Prices

Apple has lowered prices on its Mac mini computers in select international markets, bringing significant savings to some nations, while prices North America remained unchanged by the company.

In Europe, the company lowered its most expensive Mac mini model in price by €150, bringing the new price to €999, the biggest discount in the Mac mini line.

U.S. prices remained unchanged, at $699 and $999 for both the lower and higher-end Mac mini devices, respectively. The new prices due in fact make it cheaper for European consumers even compared to the U.S. prices.

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Microsoft releases Office for Mac with Outlook

office-mac-2011-outlookThe world’s largest software-maker, Microsoft Corporation, has released the latest version of its Office productivity suite for Mac computers.

Office for Mac 2011 is the biggest upgrade for Mac computers since the company launched the productivity suite for the competing operating system.

This version of Office for Mac finally includes Outlook, the popular personal information management app for managing your calendar, emails, contacts, and notes all from one app with syncing capabilities.

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Apple event yields FaceTime, App Store for Mac, showcases OS X Lion

mac-press-eventDuring today’s “Back to the Mac” Apple press event (watch the complete video here), Apple chief executive, Steve Jobs, made a number of important announcements that saw new exciting products and feature add-ons to existing products.

One of many notable announcements, Apple today announced that its hugely popular App Store found on iOS devices like the iPhone 4, will be available on Mac computers starting in about three months from now.

The Mac App Store version will include popular apps found on iOS, with about 70-percent of the apps being free, and the remaining being paid, according to Apple.

The company also used the event to launch FaceTime video chat for Mac computers, finally allowing Mac computer users to participate in video conferencing with iPhone users.

FaceTime was previously exclusive to iPhone 4 devices, but Apple had already said that it would open the service up to allow cross-platform video conferencing. It finally done so today, even though it might not really be construed as cross-platform since it only works on Apple operating systems.

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Microsoft to release Mac sync tool for Windows Phone 7

windows-phone-7Microsoft has confirmed the company would be releasing a sync tool for Mac computers that would allow Windows Phone 7 smartphones to sync with the Mac OS X operating system.

Mac users would be able to seamlessly sync various content in two-way sync capability, which would include sync support for contacts, calendar, photos and media, and among other content.

Competition in the mobile space has greatly intensified, and continues to do so, with a number of smartphones currently available from top vendors powered by a diverse group of operating systems, including Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS devices.

According to the latest computer sales figures from IDC Research for the third quarter of 2010, Apple is now the third largest computer maker in the United States with a market share of about 10-percent.

If Microsoft opted to leave Mac users in the dark when it comes to syncing, those people, in particular, business users, would probably not even consider purchasing a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, and instead, to stick with Apple’s iPhone that offers seamless integration with iTunes and Mac computers.

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Apple schedules mysterious Mac OS X press event

mac-press-eventApple has sent invitations to a press event titled “Back to the Mac” that is scheduled for October 20 at the company’s Cupertino, California headquarters.

The company did not disclose specific information about what the event would be used for; rather, it simply opted to send a sleek teaser invite only saying it would be about its Mac operating system.

Over the last couple of years or so, Mac users have felt more and more left out by the company as Apple seemed to have devoted more resources towards its iPhone, and in particular, its iOS mobile operating system.

Just over a year ago, the company released Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the latest big upgrade to the Mac operating system that improved load times and other under-the-hood enhancements, including marginal changes to its user interface, such as by enhancing expose.

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Microsoft confirms new Office 2010 Mac features

Microsoft Corp. today revealed new information about it’s upcoming version of Office for Mac.

One of the most important additions to Office 2010 Mac is the addition of the first Outlook application for Mac. We firstly reported on August 13, 2009, that Microsoft had confirmed Outlook would be released for Mac. Microsoft had released Entourage as the substitute to Outlook, but it lacked many wanted business centric features such as Exchange support that were found only in the PC version of Outlook.

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Top Mac inspired icons

We’ve compiled a list of over 30 of some of the best Apple inspired free icon sets (including free for commercial use) that are currently available. We’ll keep this simple, just click on the preview to go to the official icon set page, or where available, simply click the Download link found below the previews for quicker download.

You’ll also find other wonderful icon sets at some of the links, so be sure to look around. If we’ve missed an icon set that you think should be included, just drop a comment and we might just add it. Remember to let us know what you think and which ones ones you like best. Enjoy!


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Google releases Chrome browser for Mac

Last fall, Google released for the first time its new Google Chrome browser. Today, the company has finally released Google Chrome for Mac. The browser has been built from the ground up and is deeply integrated with Mac OS X, including with KeyChain and Spelling integration. Check out the video below for complete details.

Download Google Chrome Mac

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