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Google Acquires Toronto-based Mobile Media Software Startup PushLife

googleThe Internet search giant, Google Inc., has completed its third acquisition of a Toronto-based tech company, this time scooping up PushLife Inc. with the details of the acquisition being kept private.

PushLife was founded in 2008 by ex Research In Motion employee Ray Reddy and aimed to developed software for people to organize, share, and purchase digital content across different mobile platforms from a single application.

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AT&T to Acquire T-Mobile for $39bn, In a Stock and Cash Deal

at&tAbout one hour ago, AT&T announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire T-Mobile for $39-billion in a cash and stock deal.

Under the terms of the deal, AT&T will pay $25-billion in cash, and the remaining $14-billion in stock to T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom.

The $14-billion worth in AT&T equity will give Deutsche Telekom about 8-percent ownership in AT&T.

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Groupon looking to raise $950mn from preferred stock issuance, IPO likely to be pushed back

grouponUpdate: Groupon has raised $500-million (SEC filing) of the $950-million from various investors, including the New York City-based investment bank, Morgan Stanley (first time investor), among other partners.

The Chicago-based private and largest Internet consumer coupon service, Groupon, is planning to raise additional capital, up to $950-million by issuing new Series G preferred stock, according to a new securities court filing in a Delaware court.

Groupon would use the proceeds from the issuance to fund continuing operations and to help expand the company by entering new and emerging markets, either by acquisitions or simply by direct investment.

According to the court papers, the company changed its corporate licensing certificate to allow it to issue up to an additional 30.1-million preferred Series G which would value the firm at $4.75-billion.

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Google buys BlindType, could bring better predictive text to Android

googleGoogle has acquired BlindType, the San Francisco-based company behind the innovative mobile predictive text technology that makes inputting data on a mobile touch screen more accurate even with misspelled words.

The application works by installing a customized keyboard on your mobile phone, coupled with proprietary algorithms that more accurately predict what words a user is attempting to input, and automatically ads the predicted words even if part of the word is misspelled.

The result is that users could be less focused on typing on their phone while typing quicker without compromising accuracy.

The developers have made versions of the application for Android devices, and iOS powered devices like both the iPhone, and the iPad.

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Apple acquisition hints facial recognition coming to iPhone

iphotoApple’s latest acquisition hints the company could integrate new facial recognition technologies in the Photos application found on iOS devices.

Apple has acquired the facial-recognition firm, Polar Rose, with the details of the acquisition being kept strictly confidential.

Polar Rose offers software developers access face detection technology that is compatible with various platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and even server-side applications. The company also developed software that allowed users to tag, detect, manage, and search for Facebook (including other social networks) friends in Flickr photos.

Polar Rose said in a written statement that as its software became more popular, corporations wanted to license the proprietary algorithms, hence the company now says it would entirely focus on licensing its proprietary software, as it is more profitable.

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IBM to acquire business analytics firm OpenPages

ibmIBM today announced it would acquire the private business analytics company OpenPages, with financial terms of the deal being kept confidential.

OpenPages currently has about 200 clients, and provides them with complex governance risk and compliance software to allow those firms to identify and manage enterprise-wide risks across functional areas, including operations, in one system.

The software lets firms create a strategy with specified goals around many functional areas, including around finance and receivables, cash flow, and sales (even segregated in geographical areas, including other segments), among other functions.

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3PAR accepts Dell’s $1.6B takeover offer, urges stockholders to accept

Update: HP Corp. has made a higher offer for 3PAR this evening, beating out the latest offer of $24.30 per share ($1.6-billion valuation)  from Dell. HP is offering $27 per share in an all cash deal, valuing 3PAR at $1.8-billion. HP says it has the capital to make the acquisition and it has already been approved by the board.

3Par Corporation has announced today they have agreed to Dell’s increased bid to acquire the company for $24.30 per share, valuing the acquisition price at $1.6-billion, net of cash.

The 3Par stock (NYSE:PAR) has traditionally traded with low variability, until August 16 when the price jumped from under $10 per share to $18 per share, and only five days later propelling up to $26 per share as a takeover agreement was imminent and the acquisition offers were considered fair going forward.

Under the tender offer deal, there is still a small likelihood that the acquisition could still fall through, as Dell has options to forego the acquisition, but the company would have to pay a $72-million termination fee as per the amended acquisition agreement that reflects the new bid price.

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Nokia sells modem business unit to Renesas for $200mn

One of the top five semiconductor makers in the world, Japan-based Renesas Electronics Corp., has entered into a definitive agreement with the Finnish phone maker, Nokia, to acquire part of the firms mobile operations.

The deal worth $200-million, will give Renesas exclusive ownership over previously held Nokia assets, including various GSM patents, and will see the acquisition of Nokia’s modem business unit.

Additionally as part of the deal, the company will also acquire a part of Nokia’s research and development division, which will consist of about 1,100 Nokia professionals who work mainly in Finland and India.

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IBM acquires BigFix IT security firm for undisclosed sum

ibm-logoIBM has announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the California-based IT security software firm BigFix, with the details of the acquisition largely being kept private.

BigFix Inc. develops security and compliance software that companies implement in order to oversee and monitor computer networks, and to create policies for various machines to follow.

With infrastructure powered by BigFix, firms can implement numerous complex IT policies across hundreds of thousands of machines globally, including various administrative and control privileges, can execute tasks based on time/actions, can directly monitor and control machines across various operating platforms, among other complex tasks.

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IBM to acquire online analytical marketing company Coremetrics for undisclosed amount

International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation today confirmed it would acquire the Internet-based marketing analytics company Coremetrics, with the financial terms being kept private.

Coremetrics has developed proprietary cloud-based analytical and tracking software to allow companies to gain intelligence from online social networks, including Twitter, and Facebook, among even regular blogs, to give firms insights as to what consumers are saying about their offerings, all in real-time.

The idea is as firms gain insights into what consumers thoughts are about their brands or offerings, marketers could better understand buying patterns hence deliver more targeted campaigns and capitalize by changing to better meet consumer wants faster.

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