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Nintendo posts fair earnings as Wii demand slumps

nintendo-logoThe Japanese-based video game giant, Nintendo, published [PDF] fiscal earnings today, posting a decline in total profits and slumping sales of its hugely popular Nintendo Wii gaming platform.

Nintendo reported sales net of all charges of 1,434.3-billion yen, compared to $1,838,622 YoY. Operating profit in the period were 356.5-billion yen, with the company earning net income of 228.6-billion yen, compared to 279,089 YoY.

Total assets in the period as at March 31, 2010 were 1,760,986 yen, down 2.75-percent from the same period in 2009.

ROE for the year ended March 31, 2010 was 17.7-percent, down from 22.5-percent in the same period last year, while income per share dropped to 1,787-billion in 2010, down from 2,182-billion yen.

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Nintendo Wii to get $50 price drop

If you’re in the market to buy a Nintendo Wii, you might want to hold off a bit longer.

According to a leaked ToysRUs flyer, the Nintendo Wii will now be priced at US $199.99, or $50 off the regular price, starting in the last week of September.

It is very likely the rumor is in fact true given falling demand for the Wii, and the recent launch of the PS3 Slim and price reduction of both the PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox.

Both companies will not confirm the apparent leak.

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Nintendo launches Wii System Menu 4.0, DSiWare store to launch April 5

Nintendo is rolling out the Wii System Menu 4.0 today that will now include an SD Card Menu allowing you to easily work with content on your SD chip. The update now includes support for SD chips of up to 32GB from the previous 2GB. Nintendo also launched a new Virtual Console Arcade, bringing classic arcade titles to the Nintendo Wii. To get the new System Menu 4.0, you can perform a simple update from your Wii.

In more Nintendo news, it is rumored the DSiWare download store will launch on April 5 in the U.S. Via DSi, you will be able to buy various types of games such as Code 10 (Sudoku like) for your Nintendo Wii. Some game titles will be free while others will cost 800+ DSiWare points (100 points = $1).

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Video Game Sales up 11%, Mario Kart Top Game in 2008

As people cut back on spending, it seems more of us are staying home and playing video games. According to a report by market research firms NDP Group, Enterbrain, and GfK Chart-Track, video game sales are up 11% in the US, the UK and in Japan. More specifically, video game sales were up 15% in the US, with sales up 26% in the UK. Video game sales were down in Japan by 26% year over year. The drop in Japanese sales can largely be attributed to less games being developed. Japan is a massive market, and a result promoted Nintendo to slash expected earnings by 33% in 2008. Aggregately, video game sales in the US, UK, and Japan totaled 409.9 million units, up from 368 million units in 2007. Console game sales in the US were up 22% from 2007, and general video game software sales were up 36% to 268.4 million units in the US alone. The top video game worldwide in terms of sales was Nintendo’s Mario Kart Wii with 8.94 million sales. The popular video game franchise GTA IV totaled 7.29 million sales.

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