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Apple event yields FaceTime, App Store for Mac, showcases OS X Lion

mac-press-eventDuring today’s “Back to the Mac” Apple press event (watch the complete video here), Apple chief executive, Steve Jobs, made a number of important announcements that saw new exciting products and feature add-ons to existing products.

One of many notable announcements, Apple today announced that its hugely popular App Store found on iOS devices like the iPhone 4, will be available on Mac computers starting in about three months from now.

The Mac App Store version will include popular apps found on iOS, with about 70-percent of the apps being free, and the remaining being paid, according to Apple.

The company also used the event to launch FaceTime video chat for Mac computers, finally allowing Mac computer users to participate in video conferencing with iPhone users.

FaceTime was previously exclusive to iPhone 4 devices, but Apple had already said that it would open the service up to allow cross-platform video conferencing. It finally done so today, even though it might not really be construed as cross-platform since it only works on Apple operating systems.

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Google releases Chrome browser for Mac

Last fall, Google released for the first time its new Google Chrome browser. Today, the company has finally released Google Chrome for Mac. The browser has been built from the ground up and is deeply integrated with Mac OS X, including with KeyChain and Spelling integration. Check out the video below for complete details.

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Another update coming to OS X 10.5 before Snow Leopard

We can confirm that Apple has begun seeding OS X 10.5.8 9L14 to developers, indicating there will be yet another update before the launch of Snow Lepard 10.6. This should be the final update to OS X 10.5. The update includes fixes for Spotlight, iDisk, iCal, Networking, Bluetooth, AirPort, among many other fixes.

This will be the final update to OS X 10.5. The update will be free for all Leopard users. The update includes fixes for Spotlight, iDisk, iCal, Networking, Bluetooth, AirPort, among many other fixes. We’ll be updating this post once we compile a more comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

To get this update once its available, simply click on the top left Apple icon > About This Mac > Software Update…

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Apple WWDC 09 iPhone 3, OS X Snow Leopard, Macbook Roundup

– iPhone 3G S confirmed to run on an ARM 600MHz processor (double from before)
– Apple is offering a $30 MobileMe discount with the purchase of a new iPhone 3G S

Apple WWDC 2009 was filled with new announcements, and we’ve got everything you need to know right here. Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 3G S, OS X Snow Leopard, and the upgrades to the MacBook Air and Pro lines. We’ve got it all. Let’s start with the new iPhone 3G S.

We previously reported on the credible rumors of the new expected features (see our round up), but now, we got confirmation and a look at previously announced features such as:

Movie Purchase and Rentals from iTunes
Users will now be able to create a new iTunes account directly from their iPhone or touch, and can purchase or rent various TV shows, audiobooks, among other media content via iTunes U. However, it seems that files that are larger than 10MB will be restricted to WiFi downloading only.

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How to install Windows 7 virtually on Mac OS X

There are a couple of ways for you to get Windows 7 up and running on your Intel powered Mac. Now, you can install the new Windows 7 Microsoft OS in a virtual environment on your Mac for free. Windows 7 remains on schedule for general availability on Christmas 2009.

Just follow these simple steps to get Windows 7 up and running in a virtual environment on your Mac in no time.

Firstly, you need to download and install VirtualBox (Mac, Windows), a free virtual environment developed by Sun Microsystems to let developers test out apps, or even run a new OS virtually, in this case, Windows 7.

One of the benefits with this method is the ability to run Windows 7 without having to restart your computer.

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Apple could be prepping new iPad UMPC

More recently, companies have been trying to develop a useful and highly mobile computing device, one that is more powerful than a mobile phone, but less powerful than a laptop. Various products such as Tablet PCs and Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPC) have been released but they haven’t been very successful because they are based on Windows XP, an OS that is not really designed to run on such a small device.

In October 2008, Steve Jobs entirely dismissed netbook computers, saying the company couldn’t develop a $500 computer that was “not a piece of junk”. Since then, Apple’s mindset seems to have actually shifted towards a super mobile computing device, with more and more indications the company is readying the release of such a device.

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