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Starbucks Gets Greener with New Reusable Plastic Cups

starbucks-plastic-cupStarbucks Coffee Company is getting a bit greener.

The company announced it would start selling a $1 reusable plastic white cup bearing its logo at all U.S. and Canadian locations starting tomorrow.

Starbucks previously conducted a pilot project testing the plastic cups across several hundred of its stores in the U.S., and initiated at least another two environmentally related pilots for its cups.

Starbucks previously teamed with various partners, including North American paper mills, to test post-consumer cups, including paper cups – but the company has now decided to offer plastic based cups, after several challenges, including lack of demand by paper mills to use the paper cups, and process difficulties in “successfully creating new recycled used cups into fiber suitable for producing new cups,” according to the company.

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Starbucks gets new logo, drops Starbucks Coffee wording

new-starbucks-logoThe Seattle-based premium coffee brewer, Starbucks, has made the biggest update to its corporate logo since its inception in 1971 in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

The logo now entirely features the sea nymph, and no longer includes the “Starbucks coffee” wording around the logo.

This March would mark forty years since the company first launched, and today, the company offers a lot more than just coffee.

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Starbucks price hikes coming as raw materials costs spike

The Seattle-based premium coffee brewer, Starbucks, has announced it would raise prices of already aggressively priced coffee beverages.

The company says variable costs, in particular, raw materials, have seen significant price increases over the last decade, with some key ingredients like green arabica coffee trending upward to a 13-year high.

Starbucks also noted dairy, sugar, and cocoa as other primary raw materials that have materially increased in costs.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said in a statement today that the company absorbed the higher costs in the past, but would now have to shift the costs to consumers given the upward trend and continued volatility.

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Starbucks unlimited free Internet Wi-Fi coming to Canada in July

The premium coffee retail chain Starbucks has announced today all Canadian company-owned stores across the country will have free and unlimited Internet access starting on July 1st.

The company already offered WiFi Internet access across locations, but customers required an account with login credentials to use the Internet in the stores. The preceding Internet access system even had a maximum time of two-hours to use the service.

There are currently over 1,000 Starbucks locations in Canada, with about 770 of them being company-owned.

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Starbucks posts strongest quarterly earnings ever

The world’s largest coffee retailer, Starbucks Inc., announced late today very strong Q1 2010 earnings.

Total revenue for Q1 2010 was $2.72-billion, compared to $2.62-billion in the same period last year.

Starbucks posted total profits of $241.5-million ($0.32 per share), the most the company has ever recorded in a single quarter. The numbers compare to only a $64.3-million profit in the same period last year as people spent less due to the global economic downturn.

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