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AT&T to Acquire T-Mobile for $39bn, In a Stock and Cash Deal

at&tAbout one hour ago, AT&T announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire T-Mobile for $39-billion in a cash and stock deal.

Under the terms of the deal, AT&T will pay $25-billion in cash, and the remaining $14-billion in stock to T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom.

The $14-billion worth in AT&T equity will give Deutsche Telekom about 8-percent ownership in AT&T.

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Google starts selling Nexus One in Canada

Google begins shipping Nexus One in Canada, Verizon version soon expected, smartphone war intensifies

Google today announced the availability of its flagship Nexus One smartphone on the AT&T network and on Rogers Wireless in Canada.

The company is offering the Nexus One directly to consumers for use on either of the two networks for $529, without any telecom subsidy in sight at least for now. There is no comment from the two carriers as to whether or not they would subsidize the device.

The Nexus One is currently offered exclusively through T-Mobile in the U.S. priced at $179 on a two-year term.

Google originally announced it intended to offer a version of the Nexus One for use on the Verizon network by spring 2010. Reports today indicate the Verizon version could launch on March 23, 2010.

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Google exec says Android going social

Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin gave some insight as to where Android is heading to during yesterday’s joint T-Mobile Google media event in San Francisco.

He said “Social is a big push for now,” saying how Android would become a much more social platform. He said soon Android would be able to display photos of incoming callers, and even the latest Twitter and Facebook update from that contact (why you would want to see the latest Facebook update on the incoming call screen?).

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T-Mobile announces second Android phone, comes with Geodelic location app

T-Mobile today confirmed the company will offer its second Google Android powered handset, the myTouch 3G (the HTC Magic). T-Mobile will begin to take pre-orders starting July 8, the device should be available in stores by early August. The company did not offer a firm availability date. The myTouch 3G will be priced at $199 with a new two-year term.

The device offers a 3.2MP camera, 3.2-inch display, WiFi, 4GB preinstalled memory, out of the box support for Google apps such as Google Maps, Picassa, YouTube, among other apps from Google.

The myTouch 3G will also come pre-installed with a new app from Geodelic that helps you find information

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New iPhone 3 rumors a day ahead of WWDC

Update: Engadget is reporting live from the event. See the live-blog for complete coverage.

There are more next-generation iPhone feature rumors swirling now just one day ahead of WWDC, where it is expected Apple will unveil the new iPhone.

It is rumored the new iPhone will be slimmer, more sleek, and include a larger screen (16:9) that would take up most of the space of the phone. The only problem with this rumor is that the thousands of iPhone apps that are not based on that resolution would need to be altered.

We can now also confirm that the new iPhone 3 will have complete support for geo-location services, including support within Safari. This means various apps such as Google’s location sharing app Google Latitude will now work on the iPhone. A new enhanced Google Maps iPhone version will also be released.

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More Hints at New iPhone, Fido to Deplete iPhone Stock

appleFido GSM telecom in Canada, owned by Rogers who has a complete monopoly over the GSM networks in Canada, has announced today it will not be reordering any new stock of the 16GB 3G iPhone and will simply let the existing stock completely deplete as of the beginning of April.

The move indicates the company could be readying the launch of a new iPhone model by the summer as is widely rumored. Apple most recently unveiled the new iPhone 3.0 OS that features many enhancements, you can find a complete round up here, including screens and the new features.

It is also widely rumored Apple could be releasing an iPhone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard given the new support for push notifications for Gmail on the new 3.0 OS.

Rogers added 199,000 new mobile subscribers in Q4 of 2008 alone, and sold 385,000 iPhone devices across Canada in all of 2008.

Rogers and Fido remain the only companies capable of carrying the iPhone. The Canadian government more recently outlined plans to bring in new competitors to ease the tight grip that a few companies hold on the Canadian mobile telecom market. There are even rumors T-Mobile could expand into Canada.

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