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Microsoft Q3 earnings top Wall Street, new Apple attack ads

The world’s largest computer software-maker, Microsoft Inc., today announced Q3 2009 (ending Sept 30) earnings, easily beating Wall Street expectations and sending the Microsoft stock (MSFT) surging up almost 6-percent in mid-day trading.

Microsoft recorded total sales as $12.9 billion (down 14-percent from the same period last year), but still topped analyst expectations.

Microsoft posted $3.6 billion ($0.40 per share) in profits, an 18-percent decrease compared to the same period in 2008.

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Microsoft to sell Windows 7 for $29.99 to students

In a totally unexpected move, Microsoft said it would offer Windows 7 (Home or Premium, 32-bit or 64-bit) to students for a mere, get this…only $30 (yes, the full OS).

The announcement comes from the 741 website, a site hosted by The Price Company on behalf of Microsoft.

The site reads: For a limited time, eligible college students can get the sweetest deal on Windows 7 – for only $29.99* USD. That’s less than most of your textbooks! Hurry — offer ends January 3, 2010 at 12:00 am CST.

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Windows 7 to cost half as much in UK, release candidate downloads close Thursday

If you’re looking to download the latest test build release candidate of Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system, you’ll have until this Thursday to download your free copy.

Microsoft has allowed unlimited downloads of Windows 7, but is set to entirely close downloads as we inch closer to the Windows 7 October launch.

Users will still be able to obtain registration keys and register Windows 7, but will not be able to download fresh copies.

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How to install Windows 7 virtually on Mac OS X

There are a couple of ways for you to get Windows 7 up and running on your Intel powered Mac. Now, you can install the new Windows 7 Microsoft OS in a virtual environment on your Mac for free. Windows 7 remains on schedule for general availability on Christmas 2009.

Just follow these simple steps to get Windows 7 up and running in a virtual environment on your Mac in no time.

Firstly, you need to download and install VirtualBox (Mac, Windows), a free virtual environment developed by Sun Microsystems to let developers test out apps, or even run a new OS virtually, in this case, Windows 7.

One of the benefits with this method is the ability to run Windows 7 without having to restart your computer.

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Microsoft Zune Revenue Down, Pays New Tax Debt After IRS Audit

microsoftMicrosoft has just announced today the company will merge its Office Live and Windows Live products under one brand and product. Essentially, Office Live products are productivity extensions that include programs such as Office Live Workspace, Office Live Groove, and Office Live Small Business. Windows Live products are more geared towards consumers and include services such as Windows Live Messenger. The merged software packages will be available by the end of the year and should coincide with the release of Windows 7. Microsoft says the move comes to simplify the user experience.

In other news, Microsoft has just announced the closure of its ACES Studios division, which is the same team that develops one of Microsoft’s oldest offerings, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which firstly debuted in 1982. Microsoft declined to provide details regarding the future of the product, but affirmed Microsoft is committed to the Flight Simulator franchise despite the closing of ACES Studios. The closure comes as a broader plan by Microsoft to cut costs, including the announced layoffs of up to 5,000 Microsoft employees.

In other news, Microsoft also reported revenue for its Zune portable media player is significantly down. Microsoft said Zune revenue was down $100 million (54% down) from Read the full story

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Windows 7 Flaw Could Kill Your MP3 Files

Microsoft is warning users of the new Windows 7 Beta of a flaw that can permanently impair your MP3 files, including purchased MP3 tracks. Microsoft said, “every time that metadata is edited in an MP3 file that already contains lots of metadata in the file header, some audio at the beginning of the track may be lost permanently,” Microsoft is urging users to download a simple fix for Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player for Windows 7 to avoid compromising your music collection. Microsoft just recently uncapped downloads for Windows 7 until Jan 24 2008. You can download it here. At CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, “we are on track to deliver the best version of Windows ever…and working hard to get it right.” Windows 7 should hit shelves by late 2009 at the earliest, or early 2010.

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