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Nokia releases open-source WordPress blogging app for Symbian

With millions of bloggers and publishers using what is probably the most advanced blogging platform, WordPress, these users definitely want the option of being able to manage their web properties on the go through their smartphone.

Automattic Inc., the company behind WordPress, has already made available official mobile clients for BlackBerry, Google Android, and Apple iOS devices like iPhone, allowing those users to manage their blogs from those devices.

Nokia users previously did not have an extensive client, until now, when the company announced the availability of an open-source mobile WordPress blogging application for its Symbian powered smartphones.

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WordPress for iPhone gets an upgrade, new video support

wpThe folks behind the world’s most popular online blogging platform, WordPress, have release an update for the mobile version of the platform for Apple iOS devices, including the iPhone and the iPad.

The new update includes a number of new enhancements and features, most notably the addition of video support that allows users to easily record and publish HD videos directly to a blog post from their iPhone.

Another notable upgrade to the app includes an improved media library, which brings it more in line with the browser version. Additionally, when uploading pictures, both original resolution and web optimized versions of your photos are uploaded to your blog post.

Additionally, another new feature include the ability to save drafts locally, which also includes a new auto save feature.

Other features in the app include the ability to add your GPS location in posts, with the app doing all of the work behind the scenes.

As WordPress is open-source,  the app is available free of charge and is already available in Apple’s App Store.

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Disqus and IntenseDebate Add Good New Features

IntenseDebate and Disqus are the main two third party commenting systems for WordPress blogs that add a whole lot more features effortlessly on your part.

Today, IntenseDebate (owned by Automattic, the same company behind WordPress), has just rolled out new features. Commentators can now easily create their own poll, and embed their own YouTube videos, add smiles, among other features. Read the full story

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30+ Must Have WordPress Plugins

Here is the most comprehensive list of all the WordPress plugins you need as of today to maximize the potential of your own blog. For months, I’ve been able to bookmark hundreds of plugins, and now I’ve done all the work for you by sorting the best plugins you only need to truely leverage WordPress! In no particular order, here they are! Read the full story

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How to Install Facebook Connect Comments on WordPress

facebookFacebook has just introduced its first widget, the Facebook Comment box for Facebook Connect. Now, you can easily add the Facebook Comment system to your own site which offers a great opportunity for you to tap into the Facebook community as users have the option to make their comments appear in their news feed, potentially reaching thousands of people.

There are a number of other services online that offer advanced commenting such as Disqus and IntenseDebate (recently acquired by Automattic (the company the owns WordPress)). I’ve recently contacted IntenseDebate and they’ve told me there are no current plans to support Facebook Connect. They do currently support OpenID, but I do think the opportunity to tap into the Facebook community is a significant advantage, enough so to ditch all the other services…if you consider the other services such as IntenseDebate, all you are really getting is gravatars, reply to comments, and the comments karma feature which no one really uses anyway.

Now, if you would like to easily get Facebook Connect set up on your WordPress blog, you can easily do it with these simple steps. Read the full story

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