43 top iphone apps and games to download

So, you were lucky enough to get your hands on a new iPhone 4 after waiting for hours in a line at the Apple store. Now what do you do? Well, you load it up with apps, of course, and there are plenty to choose from, with over 200,000 apps in Apple’s App Store.

With so many, you can spend days sifting through lists to find the best apps and games, and now, we have done all of that hard work for you, with a list of the top 43 apps we found in the App Store, including free and premium apps.

With thousands of apps, this list is in no way exhaustive. If we missed a cool app that you think belongs to this list, drop it in the comments and we might just add it.

Let’s get straight into this: here are the top 43 iPhone apps in no particular order.

Newly Added Apps

As part of an effort to grow this list with the latest and best iPhone/iPad apps, we have added an additional six apps. Feel free to post other apps that are not on this list in the comments and we might just add it.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Price: $14.99 – iTunes

Comments: Business/Financial analysts know all about this, the Texas Instruments BA II Plus financial calculator, now conveniently on your iPhone.



Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

Price: $8.99 – iTunes

Comments: Spider-Man on your iPhone, great graphics, nice and functional game-play. Does get a bit boring after a while but the game works surprisingly well.




Comments: Track your work out via GPS, including calories, time, speed, and path. You previously needed a special Nike show for this to work, but now that is not necessary with this new app as it uses GPS to track your movements.


Wunder Radio

Price: $6.99 – iTunes

Comments: Listen to a bunch of live radio stations across the world, including scanners (such as police, fire, airport traffic scanners) from various cities. Includes background play.



Price: Free

Comments: Last.fm on your iPhone. This version does not include background play when multitasking.



Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Comments: Clear the puzzle by clearing the characters off the board, gets very tricky.



Price: $1.99 – iTunes

Comments: Get the laser to the right position by using tools like deflectors. Many challenging levels.



Price: $4.99 – iTunes

Comments: Move your planet around to suck up other planets to become the biggest planet.


Navigon GPS Navigation

Price: $59.99 – iTunes

Comments: GPS navigation on your iphone. Navigon is the same price as TomTom, but you might want to go with TomTom as it offers more features.


Price: FREE – iTunes

Comments: Find yourself in an unfamiliar part of the city, or maybe in a completely new city? Use Yelp to get information and reviews of resturants from others.


TomTom GPS Navigation

Price: $59.99 – iTunes

Comments: TomTom is one of the more comprehensive GPS applications for iOS, it has the same features that you would get from a standalone TomTom GPS nav unit, such as millions of POIs and integrated Google search. There is one issue, however, it does not say street names during nav instructions.



Google Earth

Price: FREE – iTunes

Comments: A slimmed down version of the PC version, this Google earth version has GPS capabilities, including layers like Wikipedia, but other than that, Google Maps (comes preinstalled on your iPhone 4) is probably sufficient.



Price: FREE- iTunes

Comments: Sports scores, video, highlights, and news on the go.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Comments: Find movies, get basic movie information such as cast members, ratings, reviews, trailers, and locate theaters, all within one app.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Comments: One of the best business finance apps available for iOS devices. Includes news, company descriptions with key financial ratios, and a complete solution for tracking historical prices of equities when you go into landscape view.


BBC News

Price: FREE – iTunes

Comments: Top news stories (with video) from the BBC, including support for different languages and news segregated by geographic region.



Price: $4.99 – iTunes

Description: Provides basic video-editing capabilities on the iPhone 4, but the fact that you can’t delete specific parts of a video, and that you can’t choose exactly when and where a title appears, and with so few themes, the app provides marginal video capabilities at best. You are better off syncing and using a real video editing program on your computer.



Price: $2.99 – iTunes

Description: A fully featured RSS reader for your iPhone. Very functional and simple interface allows you to easily read stores from your sources. The app also syncs with Google Reader. You can easily share, star items, all in a perfect user interface. By the far the best RSS app on the iPhone.



Price: $14.99 – iTunes

Description: Create music just like you’re in a studio (almost), on your iPhone.



Price: $4.99 – iTunes

Description: A simple drawing app complete with a bunch of tools such as the eyedropper, brushes, buckets, and other tools to let you paint.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: Uses your iPhone to listen to songs playing in order to retrieve the artist and title of the song. Works very well, even for foreign songs.


X-Plane 9 HD

Price: $9.99 – iTunes

Description: A scaled down version of the flight simulator game X-Plane. Includes many different airplanes, including helictopers, jet planes, the Boeing 757, and even space shuttle Discovery. There are many options to set, including time and weather, turbulence, and the setting, including New York City, among many other settings to choose from in this great flight sim on your iPhone. The game isn’t nearly as comprehensive as the PC version, but could be fun for a bit on your iPhone. It will likely get boring after a while since there isn’t much more to do after you’ve played it a few times.



Adobe Photoshop Express

Price: FREE- iTunes

Description: A simple photo editing app from Adobe that you could use to make simple edits on a photo, including cropping, changing exposure, or adding filters.


Fruit Ninja

Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: Swipe your finger to slash fruits before they come down, get three strikes and game over, or slash the bomb, and game over as well.


Pinball HD

Price: $2.99 – iTunes

Description: A great HD pinball game.


Train Conductor 2: USA

Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: Get as many trains through to their lines without making any crash. Fast, fun and addictive, just like Traffic Rush.


Doodle Jump

Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: Move your character as high as you can without falling through the cracks. They claim the game is insanely addictive, but the truth is that it gets very boring and tedious after a while.


GTA: China Wars

Price: $9.99 – iTunes

Description: The iPhone version of GTA: China Wars found on portable gaming consoles such as the PSP. Controls are very fluent, and missions are fun. Great game to have on your iPhone, especially if you like GTA. The game has not been optimized for HD graphics on the iPhone 4.



Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: Land as many aircrafts as you can in their respective runways. Very addicting.


Brick 3D

Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: Love brick breaker on your BlackBerry? You’re gonna love this 3D version.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: Using the iPhone’s accelerometer, your objective is to move your shiny silver ball to the goal hole, with interesting obsticles along the way.



Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: A simple pool game with solid controls and game play.


Real Racing

Price: $4.99 – iTunes

Description: A realistic racing game, only issue is the cars are not licensed compared to ther games such as Need for Speed or Ashfalt 5.


Traffic Rush

Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: Get as many cars through the intersection as possible. Simple, fun, and addicting.


JellyCar 2

Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: This game includes different modes, including getting your truck to the finish, or trying to fly as far as you can in the Longjump mode. The controls work very well, but the game is a bit too difficult.



Price: – iTunes

Description: This is by far the best soccer game. The controls work extremely well, the teams and players are licensed (includes country and club teams), and the commentator even says player names (for the more popular teams).


EA Sports Madden NFL 11

Price: $12.99 – iTunes

Description: A huge improvement over Madden 10 with better game play, controlls, and graphics. Game play is very thorough, the teams and names are all licensed, Choosing plays is also very seamless compared to other football games.


Glow Hockey 2

Price: $1.99 – iTunes

Description: Glow hockey plays very well, but it can get a bit boring after a while.



Price: $2.99 – iTunes

Description: The iPhone 4 doesn’t really have spell check, with this app, now you do.



Description: Want a more comprhensive calculator? This is it.



Price: $0.99 – iTunes

Description: View documents with ease, including Word, Excel, and PDF documents. Very seamless, even big documents such as the 400+ page document loaded below in the screenshot works perfectly well. Not the mention text appears very crisp with the new Retina high-resolution iPhone 4 display.



Price: $9.99 – iTunes

Description: Create and edit office documents on the go, including Word, and even Excel that includes many functions.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: Includes thousands of recepies straight from the website, all punched in with a seameless interface. However, it could use higher resolution pictures and even videos.


iHandy Level

Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: If you ever want to see if something is leveled, you can now do so, with your iPhone.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: If you ever need some light in a dark spot, with this app, you could quickly turn on your Flash on your iPhone 4, includes the ability to make the flash blink just like a strobe light, you could even choose the flash frequency.


CBC Radio

Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: CBC radio and news on the go, with support for CBC stations across Canada.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: Instant messaging, that includes cross-platform support for 3G or WiFi video calls.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: Chat or make calls with Skype over WiFi or 3G. Skype is expected to add support for video conferencing later on, that would take advantage of the front facing camera on the iPhone 4.




Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: Facebook on the go, seamless, quick loading, even includes Facebook Chat, and videos from your newsfeed.



Price: FREE – iTunes

Description: Multi-client IM, includes syncing when connected from your desktop. When you go idle from your desktop, it automatically starts pushing messages to your iPhone. The great thing is that it syncs conversations made on your iPhone back to your PC. The app includes support for multiple services, including Windows Live Messenger, gtalk, Facebook, AIM, among others.


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  • http://twitter.com/thatgirlisfunny Cheryl Ragsdale

    Thanks for pulling this list together. I saw a few I'm going to have to check out. Skype! Um, with voice changer, can you record your voice after you change it?

  • cpatch

    TomTom WILL say street names as long as you select a computer voice from the voice settings.

    • https://business2press.com Hercules K


      We weren't able to get it to say names, it simply said regular instructions such as to go to right in 200m. We've looked at all of the options as well within the program and we haven't found any settings to enable it, perhaps we are missing something? Thanks.

      • cpatch

        Tap on the map to get to the Menu screen, scroll down and tap on Change Settings, tap on Voice. Select any voice that has the word “Computer” in parentheses after it (Samantha or Tom in my version). Street names will now be pronounced when navigating.

        The original version of the app did not have this feature but it was added late last year.

        • CP

          please do not bye tom tom get mapquest for free and it does the same thing people!! and it says street names!!

    • Des

      is it worth the $$?

  • Anonymous

    TomTom WILL say street names as long as you select a computer voice from the voice settings.

  • Hercules K

    Hi,nnWe weren’t able to get it to say names, it simply said regular instructions such as to go to right in 200m. We’ve looked at all of the options as well within the program and we haven’t found any settings to enable it, perhaps we are missing something? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Tap on the map to get to the Menu screen, scroll down and tap on Change Settings, tap on Voice. Select any voice that has the word “Computer” in parentheses after it (Samantha or Tom in my version). Street names will now be pronounced when navigating. nnThe original version of the app did not have this feature but it was added late last year.

  • Waldorfpc

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    Keep up the good work writing because I’ll keep reading.

  • Dick

    Facebook app is so buggy. I wish it was better

  • http://twitter.com/inkatechnology Inka Technology UK

    While I do agree that Apple is more strict with allowing certain iphone apps than they should be, I think they are a far cry from being Big Brother esque. Typically they do not allow apps on the iPhone for legitimate reasons. Compatibility, licensing, legality, etc. Still, if you want these apps badly enough, there are clearly ways that they can be had..

  • nayla

    the ant smasher game is wicked

  • nayla

    the ant smasher game is wicked

  • http://www.Persuasion-game.com Andy Sutton

    If anyone is looking for a really unusual game app try http://www.Persuasion-game.com that is just coming out on Applestore for iPhones and iPads. It is about the players personality and you can play a truth game and give your real answers to its thought-provoking questions or you can try different personalities and lie your way to your target.  It’s a fun way to find out if you are good at judging character. For more info email Cat Goulbourne at Five-one-two: [email protected]

  • Ali_chelsea

    thats cool but you didn’t including any action games

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OXRRKMOGXMD6UPSOJY3RRUXXMU Zaviyah Sap

    the ant smasher game is wicked

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