Twitter introduces Facebook Connect competitor, Twitter on Oprah

Twitter has just released a new Facebook Connect type feature, allowing developers to use Twitter’s OAuth technology to let their users to sign in with Twitter. The website can then use your Twitter account to let you tweet, utilize your friend lists, followers, small bio, among other information.

I personally don’t believe Twitter presents a threat to Facebook Connect, for many reasons, at least not right now. Facebook has a lot more information about its users, and it has the capacity to send information to the FB news feed. Even though information can be pushed to Twitter, it quickly gets lost with the high volume of tweets from all the users everyone follows. The difference here with Facebook is, people don’t have thousands of followers and actually care about what their friends are doing and actively monitor their feed.

In other Twitter news, Twitter CEO Evan Williams (@ev) and actor Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) both appeared on the Oprah (@oprah) show the other day, celebrating Ashton’s one millionth follower (see Ashton celebrating when he reached one million followers).


Twitter is continuing to experience exponential growth, and after the Oprah show the other day, thousands of more people will flock to the service. However, a recent CNN quick poll that asked “Do you use Twitter?” only 6% said “Yes”, 64% said “No”, and 30% said “What’s Twitter?”, despite the massive amount of air time on CNN. There were just under 83,000 total votes from the survey.

Twitter will definitely continue to grow. It just needs to now organize information flows better, perhaps by adding the ability to create groups (maybe something like TweetDeck) so that we can easily track accounts we care most about.

Keeping with Twitter, Oprah’s first tweet was pretty funny thanks to Shaq @THE_REAL_SHAQ.

(via cnet)

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  • techguy82

    I wonder what sparked the sudden explosion of Twitter phenomenon???

  • Hercules K

    I'm very surprised myself, probably bcuz its so simple
    I just think they should make it easier to add some media, like pics and small videos which would be very useful for mobile tweeters….

    ….what they need now is more and more people to register…

  • mori

    for some reason i don't think many people will flock to Twitter, its just a fad for now with all the media attention… but i have to say, every product has its life cycle, i find people are not updating facebook as much now, so many they will switch to something new like Twitter

  • ownd


  • ownd


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