Windows 7 Flaw Could Kill Your MP3 Files

Microsoft is warning users of the new Windows 7 Beta of a flaw that can permanently impair your MP3 files, including purchased MP3 tracks. Microsoft said, “every time that metadata is edited in an MP3 file that already contains lots of metadata in the file header, some audio at the beginning of the track may be lost permanently,” Microsoft is urging users to download a simple fix for Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player for Windows 7 to avoid compromising your music collection. Microsoft just recently uncapped downloads for Windows 7 until Jan 24 2008. You can download it here. At CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, “we are on track to deliver the best version of Windows ever…and working hard to get it right.” Windows 7 should hit shelves by late 2009 at the earliest, or early 2010.

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    Hercules K-

    Hi, my name is Cody, and I’m working with the Windows Outreach Team to help answer questions users might have about the Windows 7 Beta.

    I see that you’re aware of the fix that Microsoft has provided to address this issue, and I wanted to make sure that you had a link to the support document:

    I hope this is helpful!

    Windows Outreach Team

  • Hercules K

    Hi Cody,

    Thought I had it there…I’ve now updated the post. Thanks a lot!

  • rush rulz

    how nice. another glitch the average user who isnt very technical would have no clue about until its too late and they lose their overpriced collection of mp3s…its no wonder the economy is in the crapper. its because corporations are allowed to put out junk and call it a product. beyond me why the government hasnt acted against microsoft and held them responsible for their poor engineering. they have no problem collecting money on the backs of the midde class for their overpriced software, but fix flaws inhouse? naw…let the public do the engineers job. that way they make more money. its sickening. if an airplane or car manufacturer does these things, they have huge recalls. microsoft just posts a blast out to the world that theirs a flaw…sure is cheaper to post things on a website rather than be responsible for actual bad engineering

  • Ryan

    That’s why its called a beta…

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