WSJ to block Google indexing, wants paid content

Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, sat down with Sky News today to discuss how people should access internet news content.

Murdoch, who owns the, argues that people should have to pay some sort of marginal premium to access the content. He argues that people should have never had access to this content free of charge to begin with.

What he’s considering now is to end the partnership between Google and the WSJ, where Google would no longer be able to index content. That means the WSJ feed would not only disappear from Google News, but from the entire Google search.

 Proponents of the search engines argue the search engines bring users to the sites, in turn generating advertising revenue for the newspapers.

Currently, about 20-percent of total traffic is estimated to originate from Google alone. Additionally, about 45-percent of total users are estimated to be new to the site, so Google specifically not only brings in a very sizable amount of traffic, but also many new prospects to the WSJ that could become paid customers.

On the other hand, Murdoch says he would rather have fewer but paying and more loyal readers.

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  • lofa

    Good. Let him block his propaganda garbage from Google. Who cares about Murd(er)och. He's just another greedy money monster.

    As the old saying goes, a fool and his money soon part.

  • west-texan

    If Murdoch keeps this up…all the non-biased news outlets like WSJ and Fox News will cost you to get real news.

    That will leave us with all the free news outlets like CNN and MSNBC…which are liberal propaganda outlets for Obama and the leftists/socialists.

    That's not good at all…because Obama and the Democrats control CNN and MSNBC.

    Oh by the way…Nielsen ratings says that Murdoch's Fox News stomps CNN and MSNBC.

    And a recent Gallup Poll shows that conservatives outnumber liberals in almost every state.…

    We needs to keep our unbiased news sources free…so people can get real news that you don't get from the liberal-biases sources like CNN and MSNBC.

  • No Spam

    It doesn't matter much. Most of the news originates out of 4 or 5 services anyhow. The rest of these yahoos just re-format it, spin it, and print it up for the rest of us. The feed one chooses (eg, WSJ or Fox or whatever) just illustrates the style of spin one prefers.

  • west-texan

    But the majority of folks will swallow the Obama/liberal propaganda spin if CNN and MSNBC are the only free news sources.

    Fortunately AP through Yahoo! News is pretty much telling it like it is…and not catering to Obama's leftist bunch.

    There is a reason why Obama hates Fox News…and it's because they refuse to sleep with him.

    But the ratings are showing that the majority of viewers prefer Fox as a news source.

  • Leo

    i understand their concerns: other sources run with the stories that cost them so much $ to make, but there are so many different outlets that it doesn't even matter if u get the news from WSJ…..

    another thing….they're really stupid if they cut Google off, google sends them MASSIVE amounts of traffic and likely converts many new people into loyal WSJ readers

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